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Pots in the Garden: Expert Design & Planting Techniques

By Ray Rogers

This spring I have shifted my thoughts to Design, with a capital D, because of a new book, Pots in the Garden.

New York Times

No longer a technique just for apartment dwellers or novice gardeners, the use of ornamental containers on decks, patios, terraces, and in the garden itself can save time, space, and money, while offering experienced home gardeners unique creative challenges, site flexibility, and experimental fun. Author and award-winning horticulturist Ray Rogers takes you on an engaging exploration into basic design principles as well as how to create focal points, use water, exploit the potential of empty containers, and more. Stunning photographs by Richard Hartlage provide guidance and inspiration, as well as visually explaining each principle. Gardeners at every level of experience will find inspiration and instruction in this comprehensive book.

Media reviews

"Filled with discussions about color, form and texture, this book doesn't merely make plant and arrangement suggestions. Rather, Rogers instructs on design principles, pot-selection, planting techniques and more, inspiring the reader to find his own style and develop his own applications."

—Jessica Damiano, Newsday

"A veritable library of container plantings that teaches landscape design techniques. ... Understanding design is his first lesson before one plant is planted or one container purchased. This is what I enjoyed most ... learning how to put a garden together comes before doing it."

—Joel M. Lerner, Washington Post

"This spring I have shifted my thoughts to Design, with a capital D, because of a new book, Pots in the Garden. ... Mr. Rogers has a lot to say about color, line, form and texture in a garden full of pots. So does Mr. Hartlage, whose gorgeous color pictures illustrate Mr. Rogers's every point."

—Anne Raver, New York Times

"Expertly discusses the principles and elements of design that apply to container gardening. ... Extraordinarily thorough in content ... Highly recommended."

—Marilyn K. Alaimo, National Gardener

"This man is a master at applying the design principles to container gardening. What sets his book apart is his discussion of the way color, line, repetition, form, and mass affect each other and how altering one aspect changes our perception of the whole."

—Bobbie Schwartz, Buckeye

"Rogers takes the art of container gardening out of the ordinary and raises it to a new level of excitement that focuses on design, design, design."

—Ethel Fried, Manchester (CT) Journal Inquirer

"Rogers is a horticultural Einstein whose container theories are sure to inspire even the most insipid containers of garden relativity."

—John Bagnasco, Garden Compass

"Rogers gives would-be gardeners not only the knowledge to plan their own container gardens, but the principles to creatively reflect their personal style."

—Jennifer Chance, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

"This well-photographed book offers lengthy advice on growing plants in containers."

—Katherine Grace Endicott, San Francisco Chronicle

"A great idea book that also offers the nuts and bolts of creating successful potted vignettes."

—Jean Starr, Northwest Indiana Times

"A visually exciting book. Stunning photos by Richard Hartlage illustrate container-garden compositions from timeless to wildly innovative. ... You'll gain both inspiration and the knowledge to design your own pots with confidence."

—Maia Eisen, Tacoma East King Trailhead

"You'll get plenty of ideas from Ray Rogers' new offering, not only for what to put in pots, but also where to put them and how to combine them. There are potted plants for every situation and every taste, including those stuffed with color and texture and dramatic one-specimen containers."

—Kym Pokorny, Homes + Gardens Northwest

"A serious book on design, and all gardeners, whether they be container-lovers or not, will get plenty out of its insights."

—Lia Leendertz, Gardens Illustrated

"A visual blast of a book. Hartlage's photos capture an astonishing array of container pyrotechnics, with how-to-do-it by Rogers."

—Valerie Easton, Seattle Times

"This book, full of inspirational color photographs ... is a how-to for every aspect of gardening in containers."

Small Gardens

"Blossoms with inspiring container creations for beginners and longtime gardeners alike."

Sarnia (Ontario) Observer

"Full of good ideas about color grouping and plant selection. ... He's easy to read and a natural teacher."

—Petra McLean, Plant Master

"Perfect for gardeners who are tired of the cookie-cutter container recipe of a tall plant in the middle with a spiller trailing over the edge and filler plants in between."

—George Weigel, Harrisburg Patriot-News

"[Rogers] takes you on an engaging exploration into basic design principles, including how to use color, mass, texture, repetition, and spacing, as well as how to create focal points, use water, exploit the potential of empty containers, and more."

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

"The quintessential book for creating container gardens. It's bold, beautiful, and useful to boot."

—Jerri Cook, The Country Today

"Ray takes you through all the basics on containers: soil requirements, pot size, and basic design elements: color, line, form, repetition, texture, space and placement. And then he throws out all the rules."

—Jane Berger, Garden Design Online

"No plant-by-number recipes here. Instead, Rogers aims to help a gardener do some sophisticated thinking about pots. ... In addition to much inspiration and advice on selection and care of plants, there is excellent information on the pots themselves."

—Beth Botts, Chicago Tribune

"Offers loads of inspiration for beginners and experienced gardeners. And the photos by Richard Hartlage beautifully illustrate Rogers' lessons on color combinations, container selection, placement and other key design elements."

—Holly Hayes, San Jose Mercury News

"I'll be consulting Pots in the Garden as I continue my own quest for magnificent containers."

—Ellen Spector Platt, Container Gardens

About the author

Ray Rogers

Ray Rogers has won more than 100 top awards and blue ribbons for plant displays at flower shows over the course of thirty years, including 11 "best in show" containers. After a career in public horticulture with the Morris Arboretum and the American Horticultural Society, he turned to writing, speaking, and editing.

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