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Poisonous Plants: A Handbook for Doctors, Pharmacists, Toxicologists, Biologists and Veterinarians (Second Edition)

By Dietrich Frohne and Hans Jürgen Pfänder

Consultant editors Patrick McKinney and Kirk Cumpston

Translated and edited by Inge Alford

Presents A–Z descriptions with outstanding color botanical illustrations of, and symptoms produced by, the main suspects.

SciTech Book News

Garden flowers, ornamental shrubs, and houseplants ��" as well as common species in the wild ��" can all contain substances poisonous to humans or animals. In fact, after medicines and household chemicals, toxic plants rank third in causes of calls to poison control hotlines. Non-native plants, both temperate and tropical, can be found in many domestic environments. This volume identifies potentially dangerous plants, giving comprehensive information on their distribution, kind and degree of toxicity, symptoms of their poisoning, and suggested treatment. Illustrations, both actual scale and enlarged representations of recognizable features, make each plant identifiable. Separate sections discuss the significant toxins found in plants, and the problems they cause, list plants of special concern to veterinarians, and present identification tables for berries and leaves. The second edition contains more than 50 percent new text and illustrative material, with special attention to North America. This practical reference, with updated glossary, index, and bibliography will be valued by a wide range of medical, veterinary, pharmacological, and botanical professionals for years to come.

Media reviews

"The book gathers great amounts of reliable information from diverse sources together and presents it in one place. ... It would be very comforting to see this on your doctor or vet's bookshelf."

—Luurt Nieuwenhuis, Rhododendron News

"Presents A–Z descriptions with outstanding color botanical illustrations of, and symptoms produced by, the main suspects."

—Shannon Hendrickson, SciTech Book News

"This long-awaited new edition will certainly be a valuable addition to the libraries of physicians, veterinarians, botanists, agronomists, and others interested in a serious and in-depth coverage of toxic plants, not only from Europe, but throughout the world."

—Armando Gonzalez Stuart, HerbalGram

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