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Plant Solutions for Every Garden

By Nigel Colborn

Bottom line: If you're stumped about what plant to put where, this book is a great guide.

Garden Gate

If you're looking for the right plant for a particular place or purpose, Plant Solutions is an invaluable resource. Whether you have a shady spot, alkaline soil, or a boggy area; you're looking for fall color, cut flowers, or ground cover; or need to consider pollution tolerance or allergies, the extensive plant suggestions in this thorough directory will help you make the right choices.

Each entry has a photograph, a clear description including desirable varieties, a summary of cultivation requirements, planting ideas, and suggestions for companion plants. Cross references to other plants in the book enable gardeners to build up a palette of plants to suit their needs. Fully annotated illustrations of planting schemes and color-coded tabs for quick reference make for an inspirational and practical companion for gardeners and designers.

Media reviews

"An invaluable resource for both gardeners and designers."

—Ethel Fried, Journal Inquirer

"The color-coded bars at the top of the pages made it easy to flip through this book to find plants for specific situations. ... Bottom line: If you're stumped about what plant to put where, this book is a great guide."

Garden Gate

"Colborn's love for and knowledge of plants comes through in his writing style."

—Molly Day, Muskogee Phoenix

"This versatile volume presents a wealth of information and ideas in an easy-to-use format. A perfect resource for garden planning."

—Shannon Hendrickson, SciTech Book News

"I recommend this as a good reference book, covering a lot of ground for a very reasonable price."

—Cheval Force Opp, Washington Gardener

"[Colburn's] suggestions and ideas are easy to translate into solutions appropriate for the more relaxed American way of gardening."

—Jody Headlee, Oakland Press

About the author

Nigel Colborn

Nigel Colborn is a highly respected garden writer and broadcaster. Educated at Cornell University, he worked in agriculture for many years before becoming a full-time journalist. He has written extensively about gardening, travel, and the countryside for newspapers and magazines, and is a frequent and popular presenter on radio and television in Britain.

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