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The Plant Lover's Guide to Hardy Geraniums

By Robin Parer

Hardy geraniums are a mainstay of the garden, treasured as much for their handsome foliage and easy-going nature as for their charming flowers, which range from pure white to pink, rose, magenta, lilac, violet, and blue. Whether you’re looking for a groundcover, a shade-lover, a rock-garden specimen, or a border beauty, you’ll find it here, along with expert advice on cultivation, design, and propagation.

The Plant Lover’s Guides offer a rich source of information on both new and classic garden plants. Written by enthusiastic experts, they recommend the best varieties for different situations, inspire ideas for new plant combinations, and are packed with resources for the home gardener. These gorgeous guides celebrate the beauty of each plant and form a comprehensive library that every plant lover will want to own.

About the author

Robin Parer

Robin Parer is the owner of Geraniaceae, a mail-order nursery specializing in members of the geranium family.

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