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The Plant Lover's Guide to Epimediums

By Sally Gregson

Epimediums may have delicate, orchid-like flowers, but they are tough, shade-tolerant perennials that are incredibly low maintenance. Their heart and arrow-shaped foliage changes colors with the seasons, going from green to bronze as summer moves into fall.

The Plant Lover’s Guide to Epimediums, by nursery owner Sally Gregson, features growing information for 126 commonly available varieties. It also includes lists of plants for particular purposes, tips on how to incorporate epimediums into gardens, and a resource guide that lists where to buy the plants and where to view them in public gardens. Hundreds of lush color photographs highlight the beauty of these charming plants.

About the author

Sally Gregson

Sally Gregson is owner of Mill Cottage Plants in Somerset, England, where she specializes in rare hydrangeas and the new epimediums from China. She lectures and leads workshops throughout the British Isles and Europe on a wide range of gardening topics, and writes regularly for local and national magazines. Her garden, which is open to the public by appointment, is a shade-lover’s paradise.

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