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The Plant Lover's Guide to Asters

By Paul Picton and Helen Picton

The daisy-shaped flowers of asters bloom from late summer into fall and are available in shades of white, pink, lilac, purple, and blue. They are native to American habitats like meadows, prairies, thickets, and swamps, and can be grown in a huge range of climates.

The Plant Lover’s Guide to Asters by nursery owners Paul and Helen Picton highlights 100 species and cultivars that are readily available in garden centers. Featuring information on growth, care, and design, along with suggested companion plants and hundreds of gorgeous color photographs, it covers everything a home gardener needs to introduce these delightful plants into their garden.

About the authors

Paul Picton

Paul Picton is a specialist growers of asters. The well-known family garden at Old Court Nurseries holds the Plant Heritage National Plant Collection of autumn-flowering asters and features more than 400 varieties with other late-season perennials.

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Helen Picton

Helen joined the family business after completing a botany degree at the University of Reading, and has since then been working full time with asters. She also lectures and gives talks throughout the United Kingdom.

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