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Phlox: A Natural History and Gardener's Guide

By James H. Locklear

A fascinating account of the botanical and horticultural history of phlox.

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No other group of plants in North America can equal Phlox for its preeminence in the wild and in the garden. Its sixty-one species appear in (and sometimes define) plant communities up and down the continent, from Beringia to Chihuahua, from the Siskiyous to Okefenokee. And no American genus has enjoyed a richer history in the world’s gardens. German nurseryman Karl Foerster once declared that "a garden without phlox is an error!"

Astoundingly, until now, there has been no comprehensive horticultural account of these beautiful plants. No longer. In Phlox, plant expert James H. Locklear provides detailed profiles of all the currently recognized species of Phlox. Each contains general and botanical descriptions, geographic range, a description of its environment, associations with other plants, and notes on cultivation.

This serious, comprehensive, and authoritative work is sure to be welcomed by Phlox enthusiasts, native plant aficionados, rock gardeners, and those with an interest in the natural history of North American flora.

Media reviews

"Enlivened by the author’s clear, vivid writing style. Highly recommended."


"It is the evocative way Locklear describes the American landscape and plant associations which makes this book so fascinating."


"A fascinating and enjoyable read."

Professional Gardener

"Packed with history ... [and] growing information to help you select the right phlox species for the conditions you can offer."

—Jan Riggenbach, Omaha World-Herald

"Definitely the go-to guide for this diverse and beloved genus."

American Gardener

"A fascinating account of the botanical and horticultural history of phlox."

Book News

"A splendid new book for naturalists."

—Graham Rice, Transatlantic Gardener

"History and horticultural preferences as well as gorgeous photos and scientific notes."

—Molly Day, Muskogee Phoenix

About the author

James H. Locklear

James Locklear has worked in the field of public horticulture for twenty-five years, serving five years as director of the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains in Kansas and fourteen years as director of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. He has introduced several Great Plains native wildflowers into commercial nursery production and also has conducted research on imperiled plants for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and The Nature Conservancy.

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