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Pedal Portland: 25 Easy Rides for Exploring the City by Bike

By Todd Roll

Buy it and see if you don't wear it out during one summer of cycling.


Portland is bicycle nirvana. The city itself is beautiful, and the ever-expanding bike infrastructure makes for safe and pleasant riding. And it is a city full of bicyclists: 40% of residents bike recreationally and nearly 10% commute to work daily on bike. No wonder Bicycling magazine regularly names it one of the top cities to bike in America!

Pedal Portland celebrates the city's passion for pedaling in an accessible, fun, and family-friendly way. It features 25 easy rides that explore the most interesting parts of the city, from north to northwest to northeast, southwest to southeast, and the surrounding areas like Beaverton and Vancouver. Each ride is accessible to anyone with a bike, including kids. The rides range from eight to twelve miles and many can be shortened by taking advantage of the city's bike-friendly public transportation. Each route features a scavenger hunt that highlights the quirky and interesting sites along the way and includes tips on where to eat, drink, and stop to appreciate the view.

Pedal Portland is the perfect way to experience the city!

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Media reviews

"Buy it and see if you don't wear it out during one summer of cycling."


"Celebrates the city's passion for pedaling in an accessible, fun, and family-friendly way."

AM Northwest

"Want to get the most out of cycling in Portland, Ore.? This guidebook from Timber Press does a spectacular job of showing off the little things that make the city amazing — you know, besides the 300-plus miles of bikeway."

NW Cyclist

"This appealing family- and novice-friendly guidebook is a good choice for locals looking for easy rides and a wish to explore Portland-area neighborhoods; perfect for visitors who wish to explore by bicycle."

Library Journal

"More than just a collection of routes. The illustrations, maps, healthy serving of historical insights, and high-quality production value make this something worth adding to your library. And the best part? This book will inspire even more people — both locals and visitors — to enjoy the simple pleasures of a bicycle ride."


About the author

Todd Roll

Never liking to sit still and drive, Todd Roll has dragged bikes to everywhere he's lived including Eugene, Rome, San Diego, Seattle, Zurich, and now Portland. He's done bike tours all over the West Coast, Canada and Europe. Todd started Pedal Bike Tours to share with visitors and locals alike the experience of the most bike-friendly large city in America.

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