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Passiflora: Passionflowers of the World

By Torsten Ulmer and John M. MacDougal

Drawings by Bettina Ulmer

If you weren't overly excited about passionflowers before reading this book, the over 300 excellent color photos of blossoms should change all that.

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Since they were first described in Europe in the 16th century, passionflowers have held a special fascination among plant collectors for their bold, beautiful, complicated blossoms and delectable passionfruits. Most are perennial climbers, but some are trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, or even annuals, and all lend a dramatic, tropical flavor to any situation. Since they have such a broad range of cultivation requirements, passionflowers can be grown by just about anyone, and cold-hardy species can be grown outdoors year-round. This authoritative, comprehensive volume describes 207 Passiflora species and 31 hybrids. A chapter is devoted to the remarkable coevolution of passionflowers with Heliconius butterflies, which many passionflower enthusiasts now raise alongside flowering vines in the greenhouse. As lushly illustrated as it is informative, Passiflora: Passionflowers of the World reveals the immense variation found among members of this extraordinary genus.

Media reviews

"The outstanding images of the species are organized according to the most up-to-date phylogenetic hypothesis for Passifloraceae classification."

—L. C. Ewart, Choice

"This book will certainly convince you to experiment!"

—Jim Kemper, Current Books on Gardening & Botany

"The authors…have created a worthy and unique work that will be welcomed by botanists and gardeners alike."

—January Adams, American Reference Books Annual

"If you weren't overly excited about passionflowers before reading this book, the over 300 excellent color photos of blossoms should change all that."

—Susi Torre-Bueno, Let's Talk Plants

"If you know anyone who has a passion for passionflowers, then there's a new gift book out just for you."

—Becky Homan, St. Louis Today

"[This book] is a great resource if you, like me, just have to find out."

—Vern Nelson, Oregonian

"This huge compilation of the world's passionflowers includes a vast bank of knowledge on cultivating and growing — as well as identifying — these charming perennials. Lavishly illustrated with line drawings and color photographs, one look at Passiflora is sure to captivate you, too."

—Lynette Walther, Palatka Daily News

"A passion for Passiflora will surely be rewarded by this compendium of the vine with mysterious flowers and legendary fruit that can also be a shrub or a tree. ... It is hard to imagine anything that one would want to know about Passiflora that could not be found in this book."

—Marge Howard-Jones, California Garden

About the authors

Torsten Ulmer

Torsten Ulmer studied botany at the University of Essen, Germany, focusing on the systematics of Passiflora. He has examined and classified herbarium specimens for botanists from around world and has set up a private collection of about 200 species and hybrids of Passiflora. This collection eventually developed into a specialty nursery that Torsten now runs with his wife, Bettina. Torsten and Bettina are the authors of the German-language Passionsblumen.

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John M. MacDougal

John M. MacDougal received his doctorate degree in botany from Duke University, specializing in the taxonomy of passionflowers. He recently retired as conservatory manager at the Missouri Botanical Garden to pursue full-time studies of Passiflora. He is a founding member of the Passiflora Society International, and with more than 45 publications on passionflowers, he is considered an expert on the family, especially in Mexico and Central America.

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