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A Pacific Northwest Nature Sketchbook

By Jude Siegel

If you've been looking to find something to jump start your sketchbook, look no further. This book is all you need.

Oregon Land

Keeping an illustrated nature sketchbook can be eye opening, and anyone can do it, at home or while traveling. This step-by-step guide to painting by the ocean, near rivers, and in valleys, forests, desert, and mountains offers dozens of practical tips for combining watercolor and ink to create pages rich in personal meaning. With her gentle humor and low-key approach, popular teacher Jude Siegel encourages everyone to venture outdoors with sketchbook in hand to try their artist's wings. Lavishly illustrated with more than 140 of the author's stunning original watercolors of Oregon and Washington.

Media reviews

"You don't have to be a watercolorist to enjoy this inspirational and instructive guide to painting with watercolors. Anyone who lives in or visits the Pacific Northwest will appreciate how brush and paint are able to capture the fog, rain and cloudy moods of our climate."

—Marianne Binetti, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"If you've been looking to find something to jump start your sketchbook, look no further. This book is all you need ... besides finding the time, of course."

Oregon Land

"This gorgeously illustrated new offering from Portland's Timber Press helps nature lovers consider their surroundings in different and wonderful ways. This is a wonderful book!"

—Barbara Lloyd McMichael, Kitsap Sun

About the author

Jude Siegel

Jude Siegel has been teaching art and nature studies in Oregon for more than 35 years, inspiring hundreds of students at the Berry Botanic Garden, Haystack Program, Hoyt Arboretum, Portland Community College, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, and elsewhere. She holds a master's degree in Science in Education from Portland State University.

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