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Oregon 1859: A Snapshot in Time

By Janice Marschner

A treasure for the native-born Oregonian as well as the new arrival.

Roseburg News-Review

Oregon became the 33d state in the Union on February 14, 1859. Portland had wooden sidewalks, and gold glittered in southern Oregon streams. Towns like Lookingglass, Needy, and Sodaville were springing up all around. It is a time to remember — and to revisit — today, 150 years later, with this detailed and lively guide.

Janice Marschner provides all you need to travel through each of Oregon's 19 original counties at the moment of statehood: a map showing each county's 1859 place names and current reference points; the history of native peoples and settlers; early roads and bridges; the first homes, schools, stores, hotels, and churches; biographical sketches of notable individuals throughout the state; lists of family names from Applegate and Lovejoy to McLoughlin, Reed, and Zumwalt; and sites to see. Historical photographs show the determined faces of natives and settlers; their oxen and wagons on wide, rough roads; their rafts and ferries on the rivers; and their towns under development.

An inspiring, closeup portrait at the moment of statehood, Oregon 1859 will light the way back for anyone who wants to see Oregon today as it was then.

Media reviews

"Readers will be impressed by the book's numerous photographs and short, suggestive biographies of Oregon's first American settlers."

—Katrine Barber, Pacific Northwest Quarterly

"A treasure for the native-born Oregonian as well as the new arrival. It doesn't require a long presence in the state to become an Oregonian at heart."

—Bill Duncan, Roseburg News-Review

About the author

Janice Marschner

Janice Marschner's parents grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and Marschner spent many summers visiting family in the Eugene and Portland areas. She and her husband visit Oregon regularly. Before retiring early to pursue her interest in history, she worked for a state senator and as a legislative analyst for the state of California.

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