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The Northwest Nature Guide: Where to Go and What to See Month by Month in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia

By James Luther Davis

From winter whale watching to autumn seabirding, The Northwest Nature Guide offers more than 150 best bets for wildlife adventures throughout Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia — as well as your own backyard. With contagious enthusiasm and irrepressible humor, James Luther Davis shares his insider tips, helpful maps, and experience to guarantee readers know where they need to go to see nature at its peak every month of the year. Whatever the season and no matter the weather, Davis entices nature lovers of all ages to discover what they might otherwise miss. The intrepid may find the three-toed woodpecker or even Sasquatch. The inquisitive will learn why auks fly but penguins don't. Everyone will discover outdoor adventures that revitalize, inspire, and renew their appreciation for nature. Whether it's tidepooling by the shore, newt pursuit in the woods, or trailing bighorn sheep in the mountains, this practical guide helps make the most of every fresh-air opportunity.

About the author

James Luther Davis

James Luther Davis is a naturalist for Metro Regional Parks and Greenspaces and for Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Areas. He also teaches and guides tours for the Portland chapter of the National Audubon Society. He holds a master's degree in zoology from Colorado State University.

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