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The New Encyclopedia of Daylilies: More Than 1700 Outstanding Selections

By Ted L. Petit and John P. Peat

The most thorough treatment on daylilies available.

Sun Sentinel

It's no exaggeration to say that daylilies are the premier flowering perennial. From a handful of wild species belonging to the genus Hemerocallis, breeders have produced tens of thousands of hybrids in a dazzling array of colors, patterns, and shapes. Adding to their appeal is their hardiness, ease of care, and ability to combine well with other plants. With so many daylilies currently available, a pictorial guide to the best and most exciting cultivars is essential. More than 1700 daylilies — 1400 of them new to this edition — are illustrated in close-up, detailed photographs. Each photograph is accompanied by a comprehensive description that includes information on color, size, bloom season, and parentage. Also included are chapters on daylily physiology, the history of the genus, the history of daylily hybridizing, hybridization techniques, and cultivation. Peat and Petit have created an authoritative reference and essential resource for anyone — nursery professional, hybridizer, designer, or enthusiast — who wishes to explore the vast potential of these beautiful plants.

Media reviews

"An authoritative reference for anyone who wishes to explore the wide world of daylilies."

Michigan Gardener

"Fascinating. ... This book has pictures of more than 1,700 daylily flowers and, yes, almost all of them do look different. ... The book isn't just a bunch of pretty pictures. It also includes the history of daylilies and of daylily hybridizing, which turns out to be something anyone can do. The instructions on how to make your own daylily hybrid are in the book and sound so easy that I am planning on trying it next summer."

—Jeff Rugg, Creators Syndicate

"The most thorough treatment on daylilies available."

—Robert Haehle, Sun Sentinel

"Can show you how to create your own unique hybrid from those daylilies you now love or introduce you to the 1700 — including 1400 new to this edition. ... Sure to be appreciated by your daylily lover."

—Linda Urbaniak, Selah Independent

About the authors

Ted L. Petit

Ted L. Petit, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Toronto, breeds daylilies at his Florida garden, Le Petit Jardin.

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John P. Peat

John P. Peat of Toronto, Ontario, is a research technician in biology, daylily hybridizer, and nurseryman. He is the owner of Cross Border Daylilies.

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