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Miniature Orchids 2009 Calendar

By Steven A. Frowine

Diminutive they are — ranging in height from less than one to up to twelve inches — but delicate, astonishingly diverse miniature orchids are enormous in appeal. Miniature Orchids, a new calendar inspired by the book from Timber Press, features a dozen of these elegant and alluring little gems, from dwarf varieties of the popular Phalaenopsis to brightly colored hybrids to the exotic Bulbophyllum. Accompanying each portrait is a detailed profile of a species, including characteristics, plant origin, bloom season, and growing tips. It's a celebration of exquisite beauty, in miniature.

About the author

Steven A. Frowine

Steven A. Frowine is a professional horticulturist, a consultant to the green industry, and an active garden writer and speaker. A much sought-after speaker, Steven has a special love for orchids and other tropical plants.

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