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Miniature Orchids

By Steven A. Frowine

As useful as it is attractive.


In the enormous orchid family, the beauties classified as miniatures are among the most intriguing. These orchids, which range from under an inch or two in height to a maximum of 12 inches, can pack just as much flower power as their larger relatives, yet their compact size allows them to fit easily on a windowsill or under fluorescent lights. Steven Frowine profiles some 300 and lists another 200 by key characteristics, with information on the plant's geographic or hybrid origin; details about the flowers, bloom season, mature size and habit; ease of culture; light and temperature requirements; recommended potting medium; history; and tips for ensuring success. Superb photographs make identification a snap.

Awards for this book: Garden Writers Association Silver Award

Media reviews

"As useful as it is attractive. Frowine tells us everything we wanted to know about raising miniatures."

—Irene Virag, Newsday

"Gardeners who have been smitten with a lingering case of orchid fever will only be further encouraged by Steven A. Frowine's guide."

—John Bagnasco, Garden Compass

"Typical of the high-quality volumes that Timber Press puts out. The layout is handsome and easily read, and top notch photographs illustrate about 300 different orchids."

—Virginia Hayes, Santa Barbara Independent

"Frowine does an excellent job covering the cultivation of these fascinating plants. Along with the basics, he includes advice garnered from years of growing experience. ... A great book for anyone interested in growing orchids."

—Nancy Szerlag, Detroit News

"Frowine richly outlines in detail his 'Profiles of Miniature Orchids,' which contains over 300 species of the 'exquisite, sometimes other-worldly, bizarre flowers.'"

—Callie Aldridge, Flower Magazine

"Aimed at those ready to fill their windowsills and shelves with color and delight ... this appealing book is best for beginners."

—Edward J. Valauskas, Library Journal

"Another outstanding gardening book from Timber Press."

—Shannon Hendrickson, SciTech Book News

"This new outstanding reference has everything you need to know to select and grow miniature orchids. ... The author demonstrates an easy-to-understand writing quality and a logical sequence of common-sense growing tips and plant descriptions."

—Richard Poffenbaugh, Mansfield News Journal

"An unparalleled resource on these plant gems."

—Clear Englebert, West Hawaii Today

"Whether you're starting your first orchid collection or you're already well-versed in Orchidaceae, Miniature Orchids by Steven A. Frowine doesn't disappoint."

Hobby Farms Magazine

About the author

Steven A. Frowine

Steven A. Frowine is a professional horticulturist, a consultant to the green industry, and an active garden writer and speaker. A much sought-after speaker, Steven has a special love for orchids and other tropical plants.

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