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The Manual of Interior Plantscaping: A Guide to Design, Installation, and Maintenance

By Kathy Fediw

A very nice resource for those looking for practical advice.

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Plants are an integral part of today’s commercial interiors. They set a mood, direct foot traffic, enhance architectural features, improve productivity, and make indoor spaces healthier and more livable. The Manual of Interior Plantscaping shows you how to design all the major types of interior plantscapes—atriums, indoor gardens, green walls, potted office plants, and miniature displays like dish gardens.

You’ll learn basic design principles and the mechanics behind a successful interiorscape, as well as how to maintain and care for indoor plants, with tested information on watering practices, pruning, plant nutrition, and preventing pests and diseases. Profiles of the 60 best indoor plants will help you design a plantscape that is both functional and beautiful for years to come.

Media reviews

"Organized logically and includes many helpful tips for those getting started in the field of interiorscaping….A very nice resource for those looking for practical advice about small-scale interior projects or an introduction to the planning and implementation of larger-scaled projects."

NYBG Plant Talk

"Living walls are a top trend, especially for eco-minded restaurants and businesses that want to refresh environments with greenery. The Manual of Interior Plantscaping is a comprehensive guide for successful design, installation and maintenance for anyone considering one of these installations. Especially helpful is author Kathy Fediw's list of 60 plants suited for indoor use."

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About the author

Kathy Fediw

Kathy Fediw is an internationally known interior plantscape consultant, author, and speaker with over 30 years of experience. She is LEED certified and is author of Green Plant Care Tips for Techs, as well as numerous training manuals, online courses, and articles. Kathy developed the Green Earth—Green Plants certification program and teaches eco-friendly horticultural practices and designs worldwide.

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