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Macro Photography for Gardeners and Nature Lovers: The Essential Guide to Digital Techniques

By Alan L. Detrick

Each photo is a short lesson in making outstanding photos. Reading this book is like walking through a garden and seeing through the eyes of a master photographer.

American Gardener

Gardeners and nature lovers delight in taking pictures — especially close-ups of flowers, butterflies, and insects. And though advances in digital camera technology have made taking, storing, and sharing photos easier than ever, taking top-quality pictures requires familiarity with both digital technology and the general principles of photography. Macro Photography for Gardeners and Nature Lovers provides exactly the information that aspiring photographers — no matter their level of skill — need to take their photos to the next level. Clear and concise chapters cover the basics of macro (close-up) photography, explain the features of current digital single-lens reflex cameras, show the many ways images can be composed, and share tips on digital effects, storage, and manipulation of imagery. Throughout the text, helpful tips, definitions, exercises, and case studies serve to demystify digital photography. Each lesson is supported by examples of the author's stunning photography. Whether taking photos of flowers and insects, compiling a photographic record of your garden, or simply sharing beautiful images with friends and family, everyone can become accomplished photographers of the world's small-scale wonders.

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Media reviews

"Each photo is a short lesson in making outstanding photos. Reading this book is like walking through a garden and seeing through the eyes of a master photographer."

—Carole Ottesen, American Gardener

"All of the beautifully reproduced photographs are accompanied by text that helps and never talks down to the reader."

—Joe Farace, Shutterbug

"Learn the basics of close-up photography with helpful tips, definitions, exercises and case studies covering the features of current D-SLRs, how to compose and more."

Outdoor Photographer

"A beautiful book explaining how we can take stunning close-up photos in our gardens. ... This book will help bring your garden photos to a new level of quality and effectiveness."

—Pat Leuchtman, Recorder

"A wonderful guide for photographers looking to take it to the next level."

—Frances Wallace, English Garden

"Although the book is lovely to look at, it isn't a coffee-table copy. Instead, Detrick, an award-winning photographer and instructor, has created a hard-working, soft-cover book that plenty of gardeners would be happy to see under their Christmas trees."

—Connie Nelson, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Both aspiring and accomplished photographers will find just the right information on the basics of taking close-ups and how to used digital cameras to best advantage, along with tips on digital effects, storage, and manipulation of images."

—Ethel Fried, Journal Inquirer

About the author

Alan L. Detrick

Alan L. Detrick is a professional photographer whose images of nature and gardens appear in media worldwide. He has lectured and conducted photography workshops at Longwood Gardens, the New York Botanical Garden, and Chanticleer Gardens, as well as for the American Horticultural Society, the Garden Club of America, and the Garden Writers Association, which named him a Fellow in 2005.

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