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The Living Forest: A Visual Journey Into the Heart of the Woods

By Robert Llewellyn and Joan Maloof

Robert Llewellyn has blown our minds with the indelibly detailed photographs ... Llewellyn and Maloof turn our gazes up into the forest canopy.

New York Times

A spectacular journey deep into the heart of the forest.

From the leaves and branches of the canopy to the roots and soil of the understory, the forest is a complex, interconnected ecosystem filled with plants, birds, mammals, insects, and fungi. Some of it is easily discovered, but many parts remain difficult or impossible for the human eye to see. Until now.

The Living Forest is a visual journey that immerses you deep into the woods. The wide-ranging photography by Robert Llewellyn celebrates the small and the large, the living and the dead, and the seen and the unseen. You’ll discover close-up images of owls, hawks, and turtles; aerial photographs that show herons in flight; and time-lapse imagery that reveals the slow change of leaves. In an ideal blend of art and scholarship, the 300 awe-inspiring photographs are supported by lyrical essays from Joan Maloof detailing the science behind the wonder.

Media reviews

"Robert Llewellyn has blown our minds with the indelibly detailed photographs. ... Llewellyn and Maloof turn our gazes up into the forest canopy."

New York Times

"Lovely, Dark, and Deep.…​Leaf through this book and you’ll be transported to a world of soaring branches, misty mountains and a treasury of living things that includes acorns, fungi, eagles, coyotes, snakes and millipedes."


"Beautiful photographs accompanied with text that borders on poetry.…​Get caught up in landscape photographs that are transportive and contemplative."

NYBG Plant Talk

"By immersing readers in the serene, dreamlike world of the forest ecosystem, The Living Forest is sure to make future strolls through the woods a much richer experience."

American Gardener

"Llewellyn is a master of revealing the intricacies of the small-scale elements of such big creatures, things such as the winged fruit of the maple or the male catkins of the red oak, spilling over their twigs like waterfalls."

Washington Post

"Arresting photographs combine with musings about the web of life in deciduous forests in this coffee-table book.…​A beautiful view of woodlands through the seasons."

Publishers Weekly

"With precise, stunning photographs and a distinctly literary narrative that tells the story of the forest ecosystem along the way, The Living Forest is an invitation to join in the eloquence of seeing.…​Browsing through the book, one gets the sense that each image and anecdote is the snapshot of a moment of pure discovery."

Sierra Magazine

"This book is a beautiful journey through ancient woods that make up only 1% of our eastern forests.…​explains why they’re different and why they matter."

Triangle Gardener

About the authors

Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn’s photographs have been featured in major art exhibits, and more than thirty books currently in print. His book, Empires of the Forest: Jamestown and the Beginning of America, won five national awards in nonfiction and photography, and Washington: The Capital was an official diplomatic gift of the White House and State Department.

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Joan Maloof

Joan Maloof is a scientist, writer, and the founder and director of the Old-Growth Forest network, a nonprofit organization creating a network of forests across the U.S. that will remain forever unlogged and open to the public. She studied plant science at the University of Delaware, environmental science at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and ecology at the University of Maryland College Park. She is the author of Teaching the Trees and Among the Ancients.

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