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Landscaping with Herbs

By James Adams

This book is a veritable treasure-trove of garden, landscaping and herbal information and lore, presenting a variety of landscaping designs complete with layout plans. James Adams includes descriptions of the more than 600 herbs incorporated in the plans, recipes, medicinal uses, cultural requirements, herbs for a fragrant garden, useful charts and tables, and splendid line drawings and illustrations. This is a book that herb enthusiasts as well as general gardeners will want to have on their shelves.

Awards for this book: American Horticultural Society 75 Great American Gardening Books

Media reviews

"This wonderful book also contains photographs and garden designs that will inspire you."

—Cindy L. A. Jones, Bloomsbury Review

"If you want to go beyond this and make herbs a major part of the garden landscape, you need Landscaping with Herbs."

Newark Star-Ledger

"A book about herbs ought to be refreshing, and this one is ... A knowledgeable, informative and diverting book."

—Patti Hagan, Wall Street Journal

"I highly recommend this book for the advanced as well as the beginner herb landscaper."

—Robert Sims, Gardener for the Prairies

"The author is passionate about herbs, and his passion spills over into the book. The obvious knowledge with which he writes makes the book readable andenjoyable."

Agroforestry News

"This book is guaranteed to captivate both herb enthusiasts and general gardeners alike."

Chicago Botanic Garden

"Very possibly the best book on its subject ever published."

Avant Gardener

"Whether you are designing a new garden or renovating an old landscape, this book is valuable for its ideas, especially if you are interested in herbs in even a minor way."

Hawaii Horticulture

"Written in a lively way with an abundant treasure of useful information makes Landscaping with Herbs handy as an herbal reference book. This is one of the best and most useful herb books published lately."

—Joanne S. Carpender, National Gardener

"This is one of the most helpful book published lately."

National Gardener

"A wonderful book."


"If there's an herb enthusiast on your holiday gift list, or a beginner who would like to learn more about 'the useful plants', then this is the gift book for you. ... Will answer all the questions you have about herbs ... and many you didn't even know to ask."

Northeast Colorado Gardening Newsletter

"This book should prove to be valuable to everyone interested in herbs."

—Megan McCollom, Journal of Herbs, Spices, and Medicinal Plants

"It is easy to see why this book was honored by the American Horticultural Society as a Great American Gardening Book."

Mountain Valley Growers

"Useful as herbs are, this book convincingly demonstrates that utility is only a small part of their value in a garden."

—Marge Howard-Jones, California Garden

"Provides an excellent reference source of the physical characteristics of herbs and their herbal uses. Definitely a great reference book for landscape designs which focus on herbs."


About the author

James Adams

Jim and his wife Jeanne are the proud parents of eight children, six of whom are adopted and have handicaps. While his wife is busy delivering babies in her family practive, Jim continues to stay occupied by staffing the home front, designing gardens, and participating in many volunteer programs. Jim's favorite volunteer task, along with being a soccer coach and referee, is working with 185 second-grade students at their school's garden. This garden recently won an award from the National Gardening Association. In addition, Jim has been doing garden design work in mandala gardens through his growing business, Enchanting Circle Gardens.

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