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Landscapes of Change: Innovative Designs and Reinvented Sites

By Roxi Thoren

Landscape architects and urban dwellers alike will find pleasure and hope in these imaginative integrations of nature and city.

Publishers Weekly

Climate change, population shifts, and many other factors have all changed the demands we place on landscape designs. Projects now have to absorb stormwater, cool urban centers, connect neighborhoods, and provide wildlife habitats. Landscapes of Change examines how these challenges drive the design process, inspire new design strategies, and result in innovative works that are redefining the field of landscape architecture.

In twenty-five case studies from around the world, Roxi Thoren explores how sites serve as design generators. Each ground-breaking project is described in terms of the physical, material, ecological, and cultural processes that have shaped the site historically and continue to shape it.

Media reviews

"Taking readers on an intriguing international journey, Thoren eloquently profiles the vanguard of imaginative, artistic, and inspired designers who are creating an invaluable legacy for their profession and the land itself."


"The book presents a compelling and modern vision of landscape architecture."

The Dirt (ASLA)

"An important survey of contemporary landscape architecture and its ability to meet environmental and urban challenges that are taking place all over the world."

Garden Design Online

"Landscape architects and urban dwellers alike will find pleasure and hope in these imaginative integrations of nature and city."

Publishers Weekly

"Will color the way you look at vacant lots, abandoned structures, playgrounds, parks and pavement. You will imagine more than you see. And because of this book and the realized visions within, you’ll know your imaginings can become realities."

Eugene Register-Guard

About the author

Roxi Thoren

Roxi Thoren is an associate professor in the departments of architecture and landscape architecture at the University of Oregon and director of the Fuller Center for Productive Landscapes. She is a Fulbright Fellow (Iceland), a Landscape Architecture Foundation research fellow, and a recipient of multiple awards.

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