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The Journals of Hipolito Ruiz: Spanish Botanist in Peru and Chile, 1777–1788

By Hipólito Ruiz and Richard Evans Schultes

Ruiz spent 11 years exploring the villages and botanical landscapes of Peru and Chile. His detailed, personal observations of about 2000 plants, along with his impressions of the culture and perils of exploration in South America, are translated here by Richard Evans Schultes, the premier ethnobotanical explorer of South America today.

About the authors

Hipólito Ruiz

Ruiz, the first botanical explorer of South America, spent 11 years visiting the towns, villages, fields, forests, and mountains of Peru and Chile.

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Richard Evans Schultes

The late Richard Evans Schultes, Jeffrey Professor of Biology and Director of the Botanical Museum of Harvard University (Emeritus), was a plant explorer, ethnobotanist, and conservationist. He was known as the world's authority on medicinal, narcotic, and hallucinogenic plants in the New World. He was the author of numerous books, as well as the translator of The Journals of Hipólito Ruiz.

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