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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids

By Alec Pridgeon

If the book were a gourmet meal, its first few pages would be enough to kindle a craving for more.

Northwest Indiana News

This handsome reference, now available in paperback, is sure to delight gardeners with a casual interest in orchids as well as the committed enthusiast and professional. Encompassing a wide spectrum of orchid genera, over 1100 species and hybrids commonly in cultivation are detailed. With an authoritative but accessible text written by acknowledged experts of international renown, the book features all the pertinent topics which guide the reader to an understanding of these wonderful flowers: orchid habitats, distribution, classification, hybrids, pollination, cultivation, and conservation. The alphabetical "Orchids A–Z" section includes descriptions, taxonomy, currently accepted names and synonyms, geographic distribution, notes on culture, and hundreds of color photographs of the best-known species in cultivation.

Media reviews

"Detailed enough for enthusiasts and accessible to general readers, this is a must for all horticulural reference collections."

—Phillip Oliver, Library Journal

"Covers all you need to know."

Garden Answers

"[This book] is one of the best reference books one could hope to acquire. Highly recommended."

—Ernest Dobbs, Suite101.com

"Fills the bill with a rich array of color photographs."

—Donald S. Heintzelman, Northwestern Press

"Highly recommended for its beautiful photograph and readable, accessible information ... popular addition to any general or botanical collection."

American Reference Books Annual

"A necessary and, therefore, highly recommended acquisition for any library with botanical or gardening readers."

—L. G. Kavaljian, Choice

"If the book were a gourmet meal, its first few pages would be enough to kindle a craving for more."

—Jean Starr, Northwest Indiana Times

"the best single volume on the subject and number 7 on Timbers bestseller list."

—Patricia Jonas, Plants and Gardens News

"This is the ultimate guide to orchids."

—Virginia S. Mraz, Florida Gardener

"This book is highly recommended for its beautiful photographs and readable, accessible information; it should be a popular addition to any general or botanical collection."

—Marit S. MacArthur, American Reference Books Annual

About the author

Alec Pridgeon

Alec Pridgeon is Sainsbury Orchid Fellow of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He is perhaps best known as past editor of the American Orchid Society Bulletin and founding editor of the scientific orchid journal, Lindleyana. He has written many books and articles on orchids and has lectured on this topic internationally.

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