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How the Government Got in Your Backyard: Superweeds, Frankenfoods, Lawn Wars, and the (Nonpartisan) Truth About Environmental Policies

By Jeff Gillman and Eric Heberlig

Illuminates environmental confusion on a national scale and offers help in making the far-ranging debate easier to understand.


Biotechnology — the future or a genetic time bomb? Renewable fuels — the key to cleaner air or just corporate welfare? Greenhouse gasses — baking the earth to death or just a needless worry? Plant patents — improving gardens and farms or just profiteering? When you stop to think about it, the government has its hand in every important environmental issue. And with the left and the right raucously disagreeing about whether the government’s policies are for good or for evil, it’s impossible for a concerned citizen to know what to think.

How the Government Got in Your Backyard distills the science, the politics, and the unbiased, nonpartisan truth behind hot-button environmental issues from pesticides to global warming. By clearly representing what the left says, what the right says, what the science is, and what the facts are, Gillman and Heberlig don’t set out to provide the answer — they light the path so concerned citizens can uncover their own true and informed opinion. In this season of political discontent, the unbiased truth about environmental policies — free of political agendas — is as refreshing as it is fascinating.

How the Government Got in Your Backyard is not for Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives. It’s for anyone who is ready to get to the bottom line.

Media reviews

"A lively read for a broad audience, from political activists and policymakers to gardeners and anyone who simply wants to know more about these important issues."

Book News

"If you want to know the actual science details behind many of today's issues including those that affect gardening, such as chemical fertilizers and GMO's, you owe it to yourself to get this book."

—Steve Howard, BornToFarm.com

"If government issues relating to produce draw your attention, this book may help broaden your thinking."

—Chuck Robinson, The Packer

"Gillman and Heberlig are a horticulturist and a political scientist respectively, and their unique angles allow them to open these issues to the regular folks like me."


"Illuminates environmental confusion on a national scale and offers help in making the far-ranging debate easier to understand."

—Colleen Mondor, Booklist

"You will be very surprised when you read this book. It may change your mind or you may stick to your guns. Either way, you will become informed, more knowledgeable, and be able to separate fiction from fact."

—George Graine, Virginia Master Gardeners Association Report

"This book condenses the facts in an accessible manner and poses both sides of the debate without preaching either way."

—Renee Struthers-Hogge, East Oregonian

About the authors

Jeff Gillman

Jeff Gillman loathes advice that is given without concern for the consequences. He wrote a tell-all book after hearing self-proclaimed experts spouting things such as feeding syrup to plants, and lectures on a variety of topics including homebrewed remedies and organic pesticides.

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Eric Heberlig

Eric S. Heberlig is a tenured associate professor of political science at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. He is co-author of Classics in Congressional Politics and American Labor Unions in the Electoral Arena, and of journal articles on legislative, interest group, and electoral politics.

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