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Hot Plants for Cool Climates: Gardening with Tropical Plants in Temperate Zones

By Susan A. Roth and Dennis Schrader

Read this book to figure out how to use tropical plants as a major design element in your garden, creating a lush, exotic environment.

Buffalo Spree

Passionate gardeners in cooler climates struggle year after year to overwinter their gorgeous tropical plants. Our new paperback edition is the answer to their problem — practical advice for achieving the tropical look in a temperate garden. The authors, who both live and garden on Long Island, New York, reveal the secrets to creating a lush, flamboyant landscape. Separate chapters cover such topics as principles of design and maintenance, proper plant selection, container gardening, and overwintering. Fantastic color photography throughout will inspire gardeners in even the hardiest zones. With the help of this book, an impressive tropical garden is within any gardener's reach.

Media reviews

"An engagingly written handbook — covering everything from design to plant selection to winter maintenance — that will help anyone who wants to create a convincing and pleasurable tropical look in their own northerly backyard."

—Felicia Parsons, Northern Gardener

"Whether creating a jungle paradise with ... striking contrasts in size and color, planting a container for mixed varieties to drop into an existing landscape, punctuating an entrance, or framing a view, readers will find this an inspiring guide for building that lush look."

—Sandra J. Sandefur, Perennial Notes

"Touching on everything from principles of design and maintenance to proper plant selection and overwintering, this book ensures that an impressive tropical garden is within everyone's reach."

Rainy Side Gardeners

"Read this book to figure out how to use tropical plants as a major design element in your garden, creating a lush, exotic environment."

—Elizabeth Licata, Buffalo Spree

About the authors

Susan A. Roth

Susan A. Roth is an award-winning writer and photographer. She cultivates her own eclectic garden in Stony Brook, New York.

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Dennis Schrader

Dennis Schrader is one of the foremost experts on tropical plants in the Northeast. He co-owns and operates Landcraft Environments, a wholesale greenhouse in Mattituck, New York.

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