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Hibiscus: Hardy and Tropical Plants for the Garden

By Barbara Perry Lawton

Both enjoyable and enlightening to read.

Plant Science Bulletin

Hibiscuses have entered an era of increasing popularity as garden designers and home gardeners rediscover the fine attributes of these wonderful plants. Here is the only book that covers the species and cultivars of the genus Hibiscus completely and in detail. Barbara Perry Lawton surveys both kinds of hibiscus: the tropical, subtropical, and warm-temperate plants whose pure, clean colors are such grand assets to modern gardens and homes, as well as the hardy perennials and shrubs that thrive in spite of snow, ice, drought, flood, or poor soil, bearing bright flowers year after year. These classic flowers have a long and fascinating history. The book chronicles the history and traditions of their use in addition to those of Hibiscus relatives such as hollyhocks, okra, and cotton. With more than 200 species, there is great diversity in the genus Hibiscus. Barbara Perry Lawton introduces all gardeners, expert and novice alike, to the possibilities offered by these plants. A photographic gallery of hibiscuses illustrates the richness of the many species and cultivars from which the gardener may choose.

Media reviews

"A very well written book that was both enjoyable and enlightening to read. I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in gardening with hibiscus as an entry into the sometimes bewildering world of cultivated hibiscus."

—Randall Small, Plant Science Bulletin

"Her book from Timber Press is a valuable reference of fact and folklore on Hibiscus, both the tropical and hardy varieties."

—Lynette Walther, Camden Herald

"For anyone, who is interested in learning about and growing Hibiscus in the home garden, this book is a must have."

—Betty Walters, Petal Pusher

"An excellent resource on the genus. It is a recommended addition to all libraries that have collections in horticulture."

—Kathy Fescemyer, E-Streams

"Covering both tropical and hardy varieties, the book is an entertaining mix of straightforward horticultural science."

Missouri Botanical Garden Bulletin

"You donít need to be a hibiscus specialist to enjoy this book, but youíll find yourself wishing you were."

—Carolyn Ulrich, Chicagoland Gardening

About the author

Barbara Perry Lawton

Barbara Perry Lawton, an award-winning writer, author, speaker, and photographer, has published over 1,500 articles. She has earned regional and national honors for her writing and photography, and has served as president of the Garden Writers Association.

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