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Herbs in Bloom: A Guide to Growing Herbs as Ornamental Plants

By Jo Ann Gardner

Bring[s] an authoritative voice to the literature of herb gardening.


Now in paperback, Herbs in Bloom is a delightful A–Z selection of 80 favorite groups of flowering herbs. Full of detailed information on how to grow each herb from seed or cuttings, the book offers systematic advice on site selection, soils, transplanting, and other practical concerns. Over 700 herbs are included in all. In the author's words, "It is my aim to convince fellow gardeners that herbs also have beautiful flowers and can be used to advantage anywhere in the landscape."

Media reviews

"This is the perfect book for someone with a rustic summer house in northern New England where the garden mostly fends for itself."

—Carol Stocker, Boston Globe

"Bring(s) an authoritative voice to the literature of herb gardening ... combines an enlightened design sensibility and contagious enthusiasm for the ornamental qualities of flowering herbs ... [and] present(s) a wide range of herbs that opens up alluring landscaping possibilities."

—Alice Joyce, Booklist

"Gardner shares her love for herbs by providing detailed instructions on planting, growing, and maintaining them."

—Terry Peters, North Shore News

"Herbs in Bloom, by Jo Ann Gardener, is a must-have book for anyone wanting to explore growing flowering herbs in our climate."

—Cathie Draine, Rapid City Journal

"Herbs in Bloom: a simply perfect idea."

—V. J. Billings, Mountain Valley Growers

"How many herbs could make a showing in a flower garden? But one glimpse of its colorful cover, featuring butterfly weed, coneflower and lungwort, made me open the book at once. What an eye opener!"

—Carol Howe, Maine Organic Farmer and Observer

"This is a book that I can both wholeheartedly recommend and encourage anyone with an interest in herbs to add to their library."

—Collette Mealy Wampole, Hali Thymes

"Though Herbs in Bloom is small, it is packed with information."

Northwest Garden News

"The book is packed with practical hints and delightful snippets of information which make it a useful and fascinating book for any gardener."

—Jean Talboys, Hardy Plant

"A singular contribution to the gardening literature and the reader will never again think of basil only in terms of pesto nor rosemary solely in relation to lamb."

Independent Publisher

"With its cleverly written text, extensive listings and descriptions of over 80 flowering herbs, Herbs in Bloom is an authoritative and pleasurable read."

Gilded Herb

"Jo Ann Gardner, heirloom flower and herb specialist, has provided a gift to all herb admirers everywhere by writing Herbs in Bloom."

—Cynthia Boyd, Gilded Herb

"What I enjoyed most is her delight in the exuberance of the more rumbustious herbs, not for her are the prissy designs of those who have suffered from too rigourous an after-breakfast-nursery-training, but those of the true enthusiasts compelled to cram a yearís herb growing into the few brief months separating one winter from the next."

—Anthony Lyman-Dixon, Herbs Journal

"Gardner combines interesting historical and cultural backgrounds with detailed information on how to grow the plants."

—John Van de Water, Newark Star-Ledger

"In a friendly but straightforward manner Gardner details propagation methods, site and soil selection for her 80 favorite flowering herbs."

Boston Globe

"An enthusiastic description of potential beauty. The idea of gardening herbs for ornamental purposes is modern and will certainly attract followers, especially in home gardening."

—Tadeusz Aniszewski, Plant Science Bulletin

"[This is a book] you will read and read again ... she is truly a gardener. This book is full of revelations [and] experience that we can benefit from by reading this book."

Mountain Valley Growers

"Includes overlooked natives and old flowering herbs that have fallen by the wayside."

—Jan Riggenbach, Omaha World-Herald

"If you are already an herb aficionado or if you've never tried herbs before, this book will inspire and instruct you toward success."

—Lynette Walther, Palatka Daily News

"It will serve as a manual for anyone who values herbs as ornamentals."

—Audrey H. O'Connor, Auraka Herb Society

"Jo Ann Gardner's book would be wonderfully instructive to a gardener in any clime."

—Bob Windsor, Cottage Garden Newsletter

"I highly recommend this book not only to herb enthusiasts, but also to anyone interested in fresh ideas for landscaping in the yard and garden."

—Rick Jarvis, Hobby Greenhouse

"Presents an A-Z selection of the authorís 80 favorite flowering herbs for ornamental gardens, with detailed cultural information as well as landscape uses, history and lore, color photographs, and the occasional recipe."

SciTech Book News

"Belongs in the personal library of anyone interested in herbs or in flower gardening."

Plant Science Bulletin

"An extensive, well-organized, knowledgeable handbook for any gardener looking for new and pleasing plants to grow."


"This book is wonderful as herbs are used, not only for their flowers, but also for their foliage in the ornamental garden."

—John E. Bryan, Gardening Newsletter

"Excellent cultural and historical information make the book invaluable, as does the wealth of personal experience evident on every page."

Gardener for the Prairies

About the author

Jo Ann Gardner

For 30 years, Jo Ann Gardner and her husband operated a hand- and horse-powered farm on Cape Breton Island. They now live in the Adirondacks where they have a small farm with extensive gardens. Gardner writes, lectures, and conducts classes on herbs, heirlooms, hardy roses, and biblical flora.

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