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The Herbalist’s Journal: Remedies, Recipes, and Notes

By Françoise Weeks

The Herbalist’s Journal is for people interested in recording the ways they use herbs and herbal remedies. Moving through the four seasons, it includes space to record botanical and common names, plant descriptions, harvesting notes, preparations uses, and details on dosage and safety. There are additional pages for herbalists to draw, doodle, plan, and journal. The artful package features floral arrangements and bouquets from Françoise Weeks—an internationally known floral designer who teaches workshops around the world and reaches thousands of people each day with her enticing Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Her whimsical, seasonal arrangements will inspire herbalists to discover and harness the full healing power of herbs.

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About the author

Françoise Weeks

Françoise Weeks, born in Belgium, has infused her work with a quintessential European reverence for flowers and nature. Her studio is located in Portland, Oregon, and her innovation and love of teaching have brought her to the Cohim Flower School in China, the Academy of Floral Art in Exeter, England, studios in Australia and Mexico, and workshops around the globe. Her dynamic work has been published in Nacre, FusionFlowers, ModernWeddingFlowers, Huffington Post, Flutter, and Millieu.

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