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Hellebores: A Comprehensive Guide

By Colston Burrell and Judith Knott Tyler

Photographs by Colston Burrell and Richard Tyler

Foreword by Daniel J. Hinkley

Likely the most complete work on the subject.

Garden Compass

A mere 10 years ago, hellebores were considered connoisseurs' plants — subdued in coloration, hard to find, and the subject of much snobbery. Today, however, they are among the hottest perennials, thanks to their early bloom, long-lasting flowers, shade tolerance, handsome foliage, and the profusion of new colors and forms that have recently become available. Authors Cole Burrell and Judith Tyler have produced what is arguably the definitive book on this genus, packed with up-to-the-minute, comprehensive information on growing, maintenance, design, hybridization and selection, and trouble-shooting. This lavishly illustrated volume will interest hellebore lovers at every level of interest.

Awards for this book: American Horticultural Society Book Award

Media reviews

"[Burrell and Tyler] have produced what is most likely the most complete work on the subject."

—John Bagnasco, Garden Compass

"It would be hard to imagine anyone writing another book about hellebores for at least a decade to come — this volume is so complete."

—Molly Day, All the Dirt on Gardening

"Comprehensive in its treatment of the various hellebore species and their cultivation, and ... complete in its descriptions without being so dense with taxonomic jargon as to leave regular gardeners — folks without botanical training — baffled."

—Linda Beutler, Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Bulletin

"What makes this book especially appealing are the shared experiences of the well-known and respected breeders and growers of the genus. With outstanding photographs of the wild species and prized hybrids ... this book is at the top of any list of monographic presentations."

—Peter Kendall, Rhododendron News

"This monograph helps gardeners appreciate the diversity among the species, the excitement of finding new characteristic combinations, and the enthusiasm of sharing in the gardening community both here and abroad."

—Sandra J. Sandefur, Perennial Notes

"Every hellebore enthusiast will find it indispensable."

—Graham Rice, Garden (Peterborough)

"The allure of the Christmas rose and the remarkable availability of the Lenten rose have heightened the rising popularity of these treasured perennials. Co-authors Colston Burrell and Judith Knott Tyler capture all of this and bring to light many of the new seed strains and hybrids in this monograph on the Helleborus genus."

—Richie Steffen, American Gardener

"With outstanding photographs of wild species and prized hybrids, ... with sources for hellebores, with appendices on medicine, black death, nutrient study, and cut flowers, this book is at the top of any list of monographic presentations."

—Peter Kendall, American Rhododendron Society Journal

"This will be the definitive book on hellebores for years to come."

—Mary Jane P. Baker, Trillium

"Achieves a very nice balance between being an authoritative monograph and a practical guide with lots of good photographs."

—Thomas Cooper, American Gardener

"A great handbook for the casual gardener, with poetic descriptions, detailed cultural information, and design ideas. This is the one book all hellebore addicts should add to their shelves this year."

—Sara Begg, Horticulture

"This thorough and reliable book is the most up-to-date available on the genus at present."

—Tony Lord, Plantsman

About the authors

Colston Burrell

C. Colston Burrell is an avid and lifelong gardener, garden designer, award-winning author, photographer, naturalist, and teacher. He lectures at the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia, and grows all the hellebore species in his garden near Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Judith Knott Tyler

Judith Knott Tyler is an artist by training and channels her creativity into gardens, layering the forms and textures of plants into living sculptures. Judith brings a magnitude of life experience to her nursery work including time spent landscaping and producing vegetables for a communal farm in Canada.

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