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Hardy Rhododendron Species: A Guide to Identification

By James Cullen

Gardeners who delight in these comely flowers will find the book most informative.


For the enthusiastic amateur or experienced rhododendron grower, this landmark reference provides the keys to the accurate identification of the nearly 300 rhododendron species widely in cultivation. An extensive introduction places the work in context as it examines the history of Rhododendron classification and gives a full survey of plant structures throughout the many species. Species are listed in systematic order, so that similar species occur close to each other in the text. These are fully described, including complete citations of previous references and notes on the occurrence of wild-origin specimens in cultivation. Beautiful photographs include close-up shots of flower and leaf, microscope images of leaf surfaces, and easy-to-use diagnostic keys, making this the indisputable volume for plant identification. A milestone in the identification of rhododendrons, this will become an essential reference for botanists, nurserymen, and enthusiasts.

Media reviews

"Gardeners who delight in these comely flowers will find the book most informative."

—George Cohen, Booklist

"For the average enthusiast, this is a very useful manual; its value is in its clear organization and the logical presentation of data. It is a modern, botanically based identification guide that will be widely understood and consulted often."

—Douglas Justice, American Rhododendron Society Journal

"This authoritative reference offers keys to identifying 295 species in cultivation."

—Shannon Hendrickson, SciTech Book News

"This is a top-notch handbook with glorious photographs from the Edinburgh garden, a comprehensive bibliography, and taxa index, written by a man who loves botany and knows the rhododendron very, very well."

—Christine Anne Sharkey, Biology Digest

"The detailed text, clear uncluttered layout and sharp colour photographs throughout will make this an indispensable and practical reference book."

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About the author

James Cullen

Dr. James Cullen is Director of the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust based in Cambridge. He served as Assistant Regius Keeper at RBG Edinburgh from 1972 to 1989, where he was responsible for research on Rhododendron classification based on both the dried and living collections. He is author of numerous scientific papers and contributions to flora, and holds an RHS Gold Veitch Memorial Medal.

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