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Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture: 20 Step-by-Step Projects Anyone Can Build

By Katie Jackson

Photographs by Ellen Blackmar

If you want to build your own outdoor furniture, but have zero to little woodworking experience, this book is for you.

Library Journal

Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture covers twenty step-by-step, fully illustrated projects with hundreds of clear and easy-to-follow photographs. Finished pieces include simple items include a trellis, a flower box, and a plant stand and more complicated projects include a chaise lounge, a sectional with built-in storage, and a slat bench. Katie Jackson's projects are simple, clean, and timeless and work well within a wide variety of styles. Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture is the perfect primer for people new to woodworking, DIYers, and homeowners looking for a simple and affordable to decorate their space.

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Media reviews

"If you want to build your own outdoor furniture, but have zero to little woodworking experience, this book is for you."

Library Journal

"The craft of woodworking ... remains one of the most satisfying creative outlets ... Try your hand at it with Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture by Katie Jackson, who shows us that with a few basic tools and a weekend, anyone can build a beautiful wood project for their outdoor space."

Florida Times-Union

"For people already attuned to woodworking, this book has great project ideas. For people interested in picking up a woodworking hobby, this book gives the tools and basic knowledge to learn new skills ... a very satisfying do-it-yourself guide with tasteful and varied projects."

Washington Gardener

"Will inspire you to break out the miter saw, drill, and sander. With an appealing mix of contemporary and traditional-style projects."


About the author

Katie Jackson

Katie Jackson is a designer-builder of simple furniture using renewable and reclaimed materials. To see more of Katie’s work and to learn about her woodworking workshops, please visit KatieJacksonWoodworks.com.

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