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The Guide to West Coast Cheese: More than 300 Cheeses Handcrafted in California, Oregon, and Washington

By Sasha Davies

This essential new reference for cheese enthusiasts fills a big gap in my library.

San Francisco Chronicle

A robust sheep's milk cheese studded with whole peppercorns. A sharp, clothbound Cheddar that pairs perfectly with a nutty brown ale and a dollop of mango chutney. A tangy, nettle-wrapped cheese made in celebration of the cows returning to pasture in early spring. A light and cakey goat cheese with notes of pine nuts and Meyer lemons. These are just a few of the hundreds of delicious cheeses with origins up and down the West Coast that Sasha Davies chronicles in her detailed exploration of this exciting cheese region.

From just-emerging, small-scale cheeses to those that have earned international recognition, the spotlight is on the vibrant hues, bold aromas, and surprising yet palate-pleasing flavors that make these cheeses so unique. Rich with information, this accessible guide examines the key factors that influence the distinctive character of every cheese, and includes beverage pairing ideas, serving suggestions, and fascinating features on cheesemaking and individual producers.

Whether at the market, your local cheese shop, or while traveling, this is the ultimate reference for selecting, identifying, and savoring the cheeses of California, Oregon, and Washington.

Media reviews

"Delves into the study of cheese in a unique, compelling way."

—Christine Hyatt, Oregon Wine Press

About the author

Sasha Davies

Sasha Davies is a cheesemonger in Portland, Oregon, and serves on the board of the American Cheese Society. Davies started her cheese career in New York City as an apprentice affineur in the cheese caves of Artisanal Premium Cheese. Her food writing has appeared on thestrongbuzz.com, in the Diner Journal, and in the cheese-focused magazine Culture.

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