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Growing the Southwest Garden

By Judith Phillips

Possibly the best gardening book of the year.…She knows about mountains, microclimates, and maximizing available water.

Denver Post

Create a flourishing garden in a harsh climate!

The challenge of gardening in the Southwest is greater than ever before. Extremes of temperature and drought are more pronounced, and precious water resources are stretched to the limit. But it can be done, spectacularly—and garden designer Judith Phillips shows you how. You’ll learn how to cope with your local soils and climate, meld your dream outdoor space with the site you have, choose plants suited to Southwestern extremes, and keep your garden healthy.

Above all, you’ll discover that living in a demanding environment doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of your home landscape. By gardening thoughtfully and choosing resilient plants, you too can make your yard a place of beauty and refuge. For gardeners in Arizona, southwestern Colorado, southeastern Nevada, New Mexico, western Texas, and southern Utah.

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"Possibly the best gardening book of the year.…Dispenses with hardiness zones but tells you the low temps that will kill that shrub, tree, or perennial you're mulling. She knows about mountains, microclimates, and maximizing available water."

Denver Post

"Phillips shares her tried and true tips and secrets for creating a thriving, beautiful garden in the country's most parched region. Chock-full of information on luscious flora and spectacular succulents, Phillips' gardening guidebook showcases some of the desert's most unexpected and bountiful blooms and shares specifics on the region's climate, soil and geography. Everyone from novice to expert gardener will find the information they need to begin cultivating."

Modern Luxury Scottsdale

About the author

Judith Phillips

Judith Phillips has designed thousands of residential gardens in New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. She is a part-time faculty member at the University of New Mexico, and the author of New Mexico Gardener’s Guide, Southwestern Landscaping with Native Plants, Natural by Design, and Plants for Natural Gardens.

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