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Growing Hardy Orchids

By John Tullock

Should give lovers of native plants the encouragement to grow some of the most charming of native plants: temperate orchids.

Plant Science Bulletin

This is a book for adventurous gardeners with an appreciation for temperate orchid species and native wildflowers. A surprising number of terrestrial orchids are hardy, some able to withstand temperatures down to minus 50°F or minus 45.5°C. Though they have a reputation for being challenging to cultivate, in truth, most hardy orchids are no more so than a rose. This is great news for gardeners, who will enjoy filling their gardens with their enchanting fragrances, vibrant color displays, and long-lived blooms. At the center of the book is a catalog of 103 hardy and half-hardy orchids. In addition to detailing the techniques of cultivation and propagation, the book covers conservation and includes lists of suppliers and organizations offering nursery-propagated plants — an especially critical issue for species in danger of extinction.

Awards for this book: American Horticultural Society Book Award

Media reviews

"John Tullock's book is thoughtful ... presenting his personal views on orchids in nature, their conservation, and the problems with previous efforts to grow hardy species."

—Larry Mellichamp, American Gardener

"I can recommend this book to anyone who is interested in growing hardy orchids. ... It brings together a lot of previously scattered information about basic growing requirements of 104 species of hardy orchids."

—Barbara Gravendeel, Blumea

"An eye opener, more than just a how-to book, although there's a lot of that. The author also offers his readers a thought-provoking lesson in conservation ethics."

—Karen Preuss, Northwest Garden News

"An exquisite treatment of hardy orchid cultivation and an indispensable addition to every gardeners library."

—Bart G. Jones, Tennessee Native Plant Society

"In this detailed and informative volume, the author seeks to persuade the reluctant gardener that anyone can raise orchids successfully."


"Imparts the basics of orchid cultivation and propagation through easy to follow tips and beautiful, illustrative photos. ... A great gardener's companion in that it provides the tools necessary to start cultivating, and catalogs 103 hardy and half-hardy plants as well as an extensive list of suppliers and organizations."

—Megann Daw, Chesapeake Home

"A delightful horticultural book that should give lovers of native plants the encouragement to grow some of the most charming of native plants: temperate orchids."

—Root Gorelick, Plant Science Bulletin

About the author

John Tullock

John Tullock is a writer, photographer, orchid fanatic, and long-time conservationist who has been growing orchids and wildflowers for thirty years. John is an active member of the Nature Conservancy and the American Orchid Society, and is passionate about protecting native orchids.

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