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Growing Citrus: The Essential Gardener's Guide

By Martin Page

Delightful and entertaining.

Library Journal

The unique foliage, aromatic flowers, and dramatic colors of citrus add an exotic touch to the garden, terrace, deck, or balcony. The delicious and nutritious fruits they harvest are a draw to an ever-increasing number of people interested in growing their own food. Martin Page charts the introduction of citrus to the western world, celebrates their unique flavors and diverse uses, and recommends the best varieties for garden cultivation. The detailed cultivation advice describes how to grow the trees in all climates, includes tips on overwintering, and shows how to tend to trees in pots, small gardens, and greenhouses. Includes oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, clementines, and many more. Growing Citrus is the definitive guide to growing the world's most important fruit crops and will inspire the enthusiastic home gardener to grow their own.

Media reviews

"Complete with mouth-watering illustrations throughout, the author displays the diversity of citrus that can be achieved if appropriate conditions are provided."

—Mark Poswillo, Gardens Illustrated

"At long last, we have a citrus book more focused on container culture in sunrooms, windowsills and greenhouses than outdoors in the ground."

—Paula Szilard, Hobby Greenhouse

"Delightful and entertaining. ... Acts as a basic introduction to varieties of citrus as well as a historical overview, before turning to the practical matters of soil composition, nutrition, pests, and diseases."

—Lisa Ennis, Library Journal

About the author

Martin Page

Martin Page trained as a botanist and received his PhD from the University of Exeter. He worked for the Nature Conservancy Council surveying hay meadows and contributed to the National Vegetation Classification. He is a Fellow of the Linnean Society.

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