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Green Flowers: Unexpected Beauty for the Garden, Container or Vase

By Alison Hoblyn and Marie O'Hara

Chlorophyll never looked so good as in the gorgeous close-up photographs by O'Hara. An intriguing look at often overlooked plants.

Los Angeles Daily News

Green in the garden is at once the most common color of foliage and the rarest color found in flowers. Whether you're a home gardener looking for a jolt of freshness or a floral designer seeking inspiration, this charming collection of unexpected plants provides a palette of flowering greens for year-round display. Combining Marie O'Hara's sumptuous photography and Alison Hoblyn's evocative text, Green Flowers explores the history, botany, care, and cultivation of green-flowered plants. The hand-picked selection includes trees, grasses, vines and climbers, annuals, perennials, bulbs, wildflowers, exotics, orchids, edible plants, and water garden plants. The appeal of the selection is broad: Jack-in-the-pulpit provides curiosity; fritillaries and columbines lend quiet beauty; and green roses, hellebores, and irises are an excellent foil to their more colorful companions. Eighty-four plants are included in all. Complete tips on growing and arranging the plants are given for each entry, as well as an account of the interesting myths, history, and lore.

Media reviews

"An elegant and readable introduction to the subject, and has certainly got me wanting to try a few of the lesser-known green gems for myself."

—Elspeth Thompson, Gardens Illustrated

"Changing the misperception that green is merely a foliage color, this high-quality alphabetical plant directory is even more browsable and attractive than previous Timber Press offerings focusing on single colors."

—Bonnie Poquette, Library Journal

"This book deserves a place on the shelves of botanists, florists, plant lovers, and public libraries."

American Reference Books Annual

"After falling in love with Green Flowers, you'll want to grow and design with Mother Nature's favorite color as revealed in her blooms, blades, and leaves. Green will never again seem ordinary."

—Debra Prinzing, Flower Magazine

"The premise of this book is an imaginative one and shows a great love of nature. Little wonder that author Hoblyn is a painter as well as a gardener."

—Nancy Schoeffler, Hartford Courant

"[Hoblyn] is known for her sophisticated all-green flower arrangements and ideas for growing an all-green flower border. ... If you need to spice up your garden with some unusual plants, you'll find plenty of inspiration here."

—Marianne Binetti, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Chlorophyll never looked so good as in the gorgeous close-up photographs by O'Hara. Green Flowers is an intriguing look at often overlooked plants for both gardeners and non-gardeners looking for inspiration through nature."

—Holly Andres, Los Angeles Daily News

"It puzzles me when people say their garden has no color in it. 'Green is a color,' I will gently remind them, as Alison Hoblyn ably proves in her delightful book."

—Jodi Delong, Halifax Chronicle Herald

"The pages are lovely and occasionally surprising, capturing ordinary plants ... in stunning photographs."

—Holly Collier, Star Tribune

About the authors

Alison Hoblyn

Alison Hoblyn is a designer, illustrator, painter, and teacher whose love of flowers and plants stems from childhood. She is the author of Painting Flowers and Gardens and the novel The Scent of Water. She holds a Royal Horticultural Society certificate in Horticulture and has written on people and their gardens in such journals as The English Garden and the RHS’s The Garden. An enthusiastic gardener and flower-arranger, Alison lives in Oxfordshire, England.

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Marie O'Hara

Marie O’Hara is a former photographic stylist whose penchant for gardening led her naturally to plant photography. For many years she has been supplying images for calendars, greeting cards, magazines, and books such as Bulbs in Containers. She is co-founder of The Garden Collection, an image library that represents the work of well-known British and international garden photographers. Marie resides in Gloucestershire, England.

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