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Gardens by Design

By Noel Kingsbury

A refreshing and illuminating change from the usual garden design book.

American Gardener

Garden planners, home gardeners, and landscape designers will be turning to this exceptional book for expert advice from the world's leading garden makers including Beth Chatto, Piet Oudolf, James Van Sweden, and Julie Mois Messervy. In this beautifully illustrated collection, Noël Kingsbury gathers their ideas on the entire design process — from choosing a garden style through planning its layout to maintaining its look over time. Encouraging a fluid approach to creativity, Gardens by Design will assist designers at all levels to understand the mechanics of plant combinations, to seek out cutting-edge and exquisite plants, and to nurture their garden's development, growth, and maintenance over time.

Media reviews

"The photographs are not only beautiful but serve to illustrate the ideas, as do all the others throughout this handsome, well-designed book."

—Michael Cunningham, Horticulture

"Not as much a how-to-do-it book as it is a what-to-think-about book. ... The backbone of the book is its sumptuous garden photos. ... Many of the ideas in the book could be put to use anywhere, and the photos — which are the true inspiration — offer a wealth of ideas. A great book for grazing."

—David Bare, Winston-Salem Journal

"This book will be one you will keep on the shelf and refer to often."

—Debra Teachout-Teashon, Rainy Side Gardeners

"If you're looking for inspiration, this sumptuously photographed book will provide it."

—Cathy Cromell, National Gardening Association Regional Reports

"My top choice in garden books this year."


"Both a beautiful and practical reference book serving a broad audience from novice to seasoned gardener while covering a wide range of styles. Whether creating a new garden, re-working an existing one, or preparing to hire a professional designer, Noel Kingsbury's book is perfect."

—Joan Ofteness, Social Gardener

"A refreshing and illuminating change from the usual garden design book which is the voice of just one person, Noel Kingsbury's Gardens by Design has tips, insight, and wisdom from some of the most respected and creative garden designers in the English-speaking world."

—Catriona Tudor Erler, American Gardener

"Marries ecology and design from a broad-scale perspective down to the tiniest of garden details. The designers gathered in this book are cutting-edge voices in Europe and the United States, but their ideas are easy to understand."

—Bobbie Schwartz, Buckeye

"Expert advice from leading landscape designers."

—Lorraine Flanigan, Canadian Gardening

"Garden planners, home gardeners and landscape designers will be turning to this exceptional book for expert advice from the world's leading garden makers."

—Sorana Bucur, Sierra Heritage Magazine

"The sections on garden hardscapes and ornaments are particularly arresting and the photographs are exceptional."

—Melissa Clark, Garden Letter

"A delightful and exciting symphony of fresh ideas and solid design principles."

—Rosemarie Papayanopulos, Gardener's Gazette

About the author

Noel Kingsbury

Noel Kingsbury is a well-known designer, commentator, and writer on plants, gardens, landscape, and the environment. A a passionate advocate for sustainable plant combinations, he trials plants and gardens at his home on the border between England and Wales and travels widely.

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