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Garden to Vase: Growing and Using Your Own Cut Flowers

By Linda Beutler

Photographs by Allan Mandell

Will encourage even the most reluctant flower arranger to wield a pair of clippers.

Valerie Easton, Seattle Times

As an accomplished gardener and professional florist, Linda Beutler offers unique insights into creating inspired floral arrangements and growing the plants that go into them. Among the topics that Beutler discusses are the philosophy of floral design; making creative use of plants you're already growing; techniques of harvesting and preparing cut flowers; "bouquet basics"; and creating arrangements for special occasions. The book culminates in "Plants for the Cutting Garden: Flowers, Foliage, and Fruit," which contains detailed descriptions of more than 200 outstanding plants. Adding greatly to the book's appeal and usefulness are Allan Mandell's breathtaking photographs of flowers in every stage from the garden to finished arrangement.

Media reviews

"While useful as a how-to manual and handy reference book, it is also a beautiful book that will cheer on a dreary winter day."

—Eileen G. Fitzsimons, Sacramento Bee

"Will encourage even the most reluctant flower arranger to wield a pair of clippers."

—Valerie Easton, Seattle Times

"[Beutler] offers lots of useful, concrete advice, from the basics of creating a nosegay to specific growing, harvesting, arranging, and preserving instructions for many plants."

—Beth Botts, Chicago Tribune

"Both gardens and vases come alive in this useful and beautiful book, which helps us look at our gardens and plants in a new way."

—Marty Wingate, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"One of the most appealing — and valuable — aspects of the book is the detail provided for hundreds of plants suggested for the cutting garden. Beutler goes way beyond the standard hybird tea rose and baby's breath with a sprig of leatherleaf fern. ... Both informative and entertaining, Garden to Vase is a delightful romp based on solid professional experience. This coffee-table tome may well end up on your well-used reference shelf."

—Lucy Warren, Pacific Horticulture

"Provides all of the how-to on growing a cut flower garden."

—Rebecca Ragain, Portland Tribune

"Beutler offers unique insights into creating inspired floral arrangements and growing the plants that go into them."

Rainy Side Gardeners

"Beutler writes with a light touch and is very knowledgeable about plants; readers will benefit from both in this beautifully illustrated guide."

Book News

"This book is loaded with details on harvesting and handling cut flowers as well as tips to keep them looking fresh. ... If you are getting ready for a wedding, hosting a huge party, or staging a senior prom, this book is your ticket to success."

—Ann Lovejoy, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"I couldn't put it down. Garden to Vase ... is a trove of information that belongs in every gardener and floral arranger's library. ... A winning combination of inspiration and practical how-to advice in friendly prose that makes this book a fun and fascinating read."

—Nancy Szerlag, Detroit News

"Such a feast of natural beauty. ... Presents a no-nonsense yet conversational tone that gives clear directions and encouragement to the novice flower arranger. ... Much more than a simple "How-To" book. Readers are likely to find it a welcome celebration, a goldmine of botanical and professional tips, and a journey conducted by a friend through the natural wonders of your own back yard."

—Rita A. Leonard, (Sellwood) Bee

"If you're like me and love to share your flowers over the summer months, get this book."

—Petra McLean, Plant Master

"A practical reference for any gardener's library."

—John Bagnasco, Garden Compass

"Provides inspiration for exciting arrangements. ... Photos by award-winning photographer Allan Mandel make this a knockout of a book."

—Maia Eisen, Tacoma East King Trailhead

About the author

Linda Beutler

Linda Beutler has been the curator of the Rogerson Clematis Collection since 2007 and in 2013 was elected the first American president of the International Clematis Society.

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