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The Garden Maker's Manual

By Rosemary Alexander and Richard Sneesby

Supplementing a wealth of experience with knockout photographs and superb technical drawings, the authors ... have produced what amounts to a brilliant minicourse in garden engineering.


The Garden Maker's Manual covers all aspects of hard landscaping and structures — from paving and paths to water features, lighting, shelter, walls, and fences. Those aspiring garden designers looking for an excellent introduction to the art of landscaping, but who are not ready for Rosemary's more definitive Essential Garden Design Workbook, will want to have this book. It is an accessible and practical approach to garden landscaping written by the experts at The English Gardening School. With 150 photographs and 150 drawings, this manual will be a timeless reference.

Media reviews

"Supplementing a wealth of experience with knockout photographs and superb technical drawings, the authors, both celebrated English garden designers, have produced what amounts to a brilliant minicourse in garden engineering."


"If your garden is packed with plants but lacks structure, this book will be invaluable to help you generate ideas and add some form."

—Amy McDowell, Des Moines Press Citizen

"You'll not only see photos on good ways to use various structural elements, but authors walk you through the process of deciding where and how to use hardscaping along with the practical pros and cons of each type."

—George Weigel, Harrisburg Patriot-News

"A reference and sourcebook for serious landscape designers."

—Marianne Binetti, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Whether your plans for the garden are big or small, you can find something in this book that will inspire you. Its ideas will exercise both your left and right brain muscles, beckoning to your creative side while taking your practical side by the hand toward realizing the possibilities. Whether you prefer vast vistas or miniscule vignettes, you'll find yourself picking this book up again and again to assure yourself how good it will look when your structure is finished."

—Jean Starr, Northwest Indiana Times

"Both do-it-yourselfers and those who require professional help will be aided greatly by this book ... The nontechnical language and clear illustrations should encourage even those who have never designed or built anything before to give it a try."


About the authors

Rosemary Alexander

Founder and principal of The English Gardening School at the Chelsea Physic Garden, London, Rosemary Alexander writes and lectures worldwide on garden design. She was awarded the Veitch Memorial Medal by the Royal Horticultural Society and lived as a tenant of the National Trust property in Kent. Her current Hampshire garden has been featured in most major gardening magazines.

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Richard Sneesby

Richard Sneesby is a landscape designer and lecturer on garden design at The English Gardening School.

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