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A Garden Gallery: Inspiration from an Enchanted World of Plants and Artistry

By George Little and David Lewis

Photographs by Barbara Denk

Foreword by Ketzel Levine

Better bolt down the coffee table. This stunning book uses remarkable photos that make the plants and artwork leap from the page.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Celebrated internationally as artists and gardeners, Little and Lewis open the gates to their renowned Puget Sound garden and share their personal wisdom for what informs and inspires their wild fantasia of plants, hardscape, and art. Water features, oversized and broadleaved plants, expansive use of color, zone-pushing tropicals, architectural emphasis, and elements of classicism and mystery — all combine to create a magical space. The authors describe how you too can achieve this kind of retreat for reflection in your own backyard. From practical advice on how to make a slow-drip natural fountain, to building an inexpensive Tuscan-style wall, you will be encouraged to use your imagination and take risks. Stunning photographs will inspire you.

Awards for this book: Garden Writers Association Silver Award

Media reviews

"This book reveals the secrets Little and Lewis skillfully use to pull their visitors into a labyrinth of color and design, often of Mediterranean inspiration."

—Jessica Rozmus, American Gardener

"This garden of surprises is revealed in this enchanting book of wonder."

—Joanne S. Carpender, National Gardener

"My advice: Buy the book to be inspired and amazed. Leaf through it and remember what it's like to be in awe, to wonder."

—Pat Rubin, Sacramento Bee

"One of spring's most exciting new books."

—Sarah Kinbar, Garden Design

"pushed me to think about being more daring in my garden, to be braver with color, texture and even ornament. Most of all, they taught me that I should never buy a plant because I need something to fill a space. I must absolutely love the plant."

—Dulcy Mahar, Oregonian

"An inspiration to budding and accomplished gardeners alike, the Little and Lewis philosophy is suffused with a generosity of spirit that seems to characterize today’s great gardenmakers."

—Alice Joyce, Booklist

"Describes [the authors'] ideas and processes of creation, including how two differing temperaments can happily join forces. Some of the advice is practical ... some is simply inspiration and encouragement to use imagination and take risks."

—Shannon Hendrickson, Reference and Research Book News

"The lessons that can be learned from the use of shape, texture, and color will be an invaluable resource to every gardener."

—Tom Glavich, To The Point

"A joy to read and a visual smorgasbord to flip through."

—Patty Jessome, Edmonton Sun

"Just as intriguing as the garden ... Walk through the pages of A Garden Gallery and get in touch with the heart and soul of the work and drive that keeps Little and Lewis innovating. This well-illustrated book will inspire you to look at your own garden as a sculpture ready for you to shape."

Rainy Side Gardeners

"From directions on building an inexpensive Tuscan-style wall to choosing complimentary colors for your garden, this dynamic duo also offers simple advice for turning your garden into a living masterpiece."

—Kristen Keat, Log Home Design Ideas

"Little and Lewis are extreme gardeners, but they don't preach. Instead we're encouraged to seek our own garden style, incorporate the elements that appeal to us and to not be afraid of what others may think of our eccentricities."

—Grace Peterson, Northwest Senior News

"Their notions of verticality, light and natural music are sure to inspire other gardeners."

—Barbara Lloyd McMichael, Bremerton Sun

"This is a book that will transport you. Just look at it, and your mind will so yearn to be in these gardens that you'll begin a journey without realizing it."

—Dan Hays, Salem Statesman Journal

"Better bolt down the coffee table. This stunning book uses remarkable photos that make the plants and artwork leap from the page."

—Marianne Binetti, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Will provide us all with plenty of ideas for creating our own artful gardens."

Pacific Horticulture

"The book, like their outdoor gallery on an island in Washington's pristine Puget Sound, illustrates their ideas and inspires gardeners from around the world."

Metropolitan Home

"Together, the two have changed how gardeners in the Northwest view color, foliage and the relationship of gardens and art."

—Valerie Easton, Seattle Times

"Little and Lewis are celebrated collaborators in the studio and garden — the latter a delirious melange of amazing foliage, brilliant flowers and astonishing painted concrete sculpture. As authors, they take turns with the text for an intimate dialogue between creative partners, as enlightening and provocative as their deceptively tiny landscape."

—Lili Singer, Los Angeles Times

"This garden elicits a deep emotional response from the thousands who visit every year, so it’s no small achievement that the duo has been able to transfer this enchantment to the printed page."

—Valerie Easton, Horticulture

"Guides the reader through various techniques to foster a dialog with one's own style in order to make 'personally meaningful gardens.' The book is an invaluable guide for designers of any type."

—Jane Berger, American Gardener

"Little and Lewis offer inspiration and encourage gardeners to use imagination and take risks."

Michigan Gardener

"This wonderful tour of their home environment makes it obvious where their inspiration comes from [and] shows how much we can all gain from making our gardens an extension of our own personalities."

—Terry Peters, North Shore News

"A chance for you to peek over the garden fence and learn what Little and Lewis have created inside. Interspersed with luscious color photographs are practical tips and suggestions for creating mystery in the garden."

—Cathy Peterson, Daily Astorian

"Along with stunning photographs, the authors offer practical advice and encouragement."

Luxury Living

"Color, texture, and form in plant material and artifacts are presented in brilliant color photos and an informal text designed to inspire gardeners to follow their own creative instincts."

—Marge Howard-Jones, California Garden

"Their garden is truly amazing; they make Bainbridge Island look like the jungles of South America."

—Dirty Dan, Home and Garden

"A Garden Gallery, filled with its authors' unique and yet universally loved lifebreath of ideas and good thought, easily catapults itself to the top of the word-plus-art garden book heap."

Boox Review

"Once in a great while a very special book comes along, one that manages to be both inspiring and useful. ... Well, garden lovers will be delighted to learn that A Garden Gallery, George Little and David Lewis's meditation on gardening, will satisfy both the yin and yang."

—Karen Hugg, Northwest Garden News

"This is a beautiful book! If you are looking for inspiration and both visual and literary joy, you will find it here."

—Linda Engstrom, GardenAesthetics.com

About the authors

George Little

George Little has been a watercolorist and sculptor for more than forty years and was an instructor at the Seattle Art Institute before co-founding Little and Lewis, Inc., in 1992.

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David Lewis

David Lewis combined his studies in a career as an archaeological illustrator. He was based in Corinth, Greece, for several years before moving to the Pacific Northwest and co-founding Little and Lewis, Inc., in 1992.

Read more about David Lewis

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