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Garden Bulbs for the South (Second Edition)

By Scott Ogden

Where many authors merely repeat what has already been written, Ogden's closely observed peculiarities of his subjects make it outstanding horticultural literature.

American Gardener

There are hundreds of choice bulbs that revel in southern warmth and humidity, and Scott Ogden profiles the best of them in this fascinating, comprehensive volume. In a series of chapters that takes us through the gardening year, Ogden introduces the plants that help to give southern gardens their distinct regional flavor, many with charmingly descriptive names: rain lilies, oxblood lilies, jonquils, crinums, and scores of others. Weaving in bits of history and lore, Ogden details each plant's appearance and growing requirements. Originally published to widespread acclaim in 1994, Garden Bulbs for the South has been updated and significantly expanded in this edition to include information on new varieties as well as nearly one hundred new photographs.

Media reviews

"A treasure-trove of barely known possibilities. ... Its profusion of lush photos, featuring gorgeous settings, will please both the dedicated bulb gardener and the armchair bulb dreamer."

—Bill Scheick, Dallas Morning News

"Written in the style of the late, great Southern garden writer Elizabeth Lawrence, this updated second edition is a must for all Texas bulb enthusiasts. There is none better."

—Greg Grant, Dallas Morning News

"Author Scott Ogden weaves a welcoming web of personal observations, common sense, historical references, lore, and inspiration."

—Stephen Pategas, Ornamental Outlook

"Ogden's extensive background as a horticulturist and garden designer, his engaging readable style of writing, and beautiful color photographs all combine to make Garden Bulbs for the South a must-read for bulb lovers."

—Karen Preuss, Northwest Garden News

"An Austin, Texas-based horticulturist/landscape designer/garden writer not only reassures Southerners that they can grow bulbs associated with colder climates, but also points out that warm-weather bulbs are part of a regional garden legacy."

SciTech Book News

"An easy and delightful read [that] introduces the reader to many different geophytes ... excel[s] at introducing the reader to many different geophytes and offering suggestions for how they may be successfully used in the southern landscape."

—Mark J. Schusler, Bulbs

"An essential gardening book — but not only for the South. Ogden presents a broad palette for those gardening in favored locales on the Pacific Coast as well as for those following the current trend of growing tropical bedding plants in much colder climes. And where many authors merely repeat what has already been written, Ogden's closely observed peculiarities of his subjects make it outstanding horticultural literature."

—Jerry Flintoff, American Gardener

"This edition has new photographs and is much expanded over the first edition. ... I have both editions and would not be without either."

—Russell Studebaker, Tulsa World

"Part field guide, part garden staging and design, Austin horticulturist Scott Ogden has updated his classic handbook of garden bulbs into a new, gorgeous, photo-filled, second edition."

—Mary Tutwiler, Lafayette Independent Weekly

"I must confess, I already have the first edition of this book. It's one of my favorites, full of information on which bulbs can take our steamy summers and return every year bigger and better. So when I found out the second edition has been expanded to include information on new varieties and about 100 new photographs, it moved to the top of my wish list again."

Shreveport Times

"A must-have reference for warm climate gardeners who want to enjoy the annual phenomenon of bulbs."

—John Bagnasco, Garden Compass

About the author

Scott Ogden

Scott Ogden has prospected for new, garden-adaptable bulbs as well as proven, heirloom varieties in Texas (his home state), the South, Mexico, and beyond. As a horticulturist and designer he consults for and creates public and private gardens across the country. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and Austin, Texas.

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