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Fruit & Nuts: A Comprehensive Guide to the Cultivation, Uses and Health Benefits of Over 300 Food-producing Plants

By Susanna Lyle

Packed with interesting history and facts in addition to lots of practical information for the gardener.

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An informative and comprehensive guide to growing and using more than 300 species of fruits and nuts, this A–Z reference will inspire gardeners to grow and use a wider variety of edible plants. Each entry includes a brief history, detailed description, and authoritative information on propagation, as well as helpful advice about harvesting times and methods, cultivation and location needs, pruning, pests and diseases, nutrition and health benefits, and medicinal uses. An extensive, annotated list of cultivars will help gardeners and growers select the most appropriate plants for their location and needs. Suitable for home gardeners, horticulture professionals, orchardists, and nutritionists.

Media reviews

"Packed with interesting history and facts in addition to lots of practical information for the gardener."

Book News

"Beautifully photographed and full of less-common information and unusual edible plants. ... The appendix has a great guide to plants for varying conditions or uses. The index of common names — an edible-plant geek's wish list — makes getting to the juicy details of how to grow, harvest, eat and propagate them very easy."

—Vern Nelson, Oregonian

"A fun and informative book with great value to those in food sciences, horticulture, gardening food plants or anyone with a general interest in learning more about the fruits and nuts consumed around the world. The text is thorough, easy to read, and is well illustrated with both color illustrations and color photographs."

—Lee Luckeydoo, Sida, Contributions to Botany

"Timber Press' reputation for producing beautiful works in the field of gardening and horticulture will be enhanced by this guide to 300 species of temperate and subtropical fruit and nut plants."

—Brian E. Coutts, Library Journal

"An immense source of pleasure. ... A welcome and necessary addition to the bookshelf of every gardener, horticultural professional, and nutritionist. ... Its scope and depth of information make it an exceptional purchase."

—Fu Zhuo, Journal of Agricultural and Food Information

"One does not need to be a horticulturalist; food historians, reporters, health experts, the curious, and those who cook will find it of value."

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About the author

Susanna Lyle

Susanna Lyle has over 25 years experience of practical and academic experience on plant and soil studies. She lives in New Zealand, where the unique New Zealand climate has allowed her to experiment with the unusual temperate and subtropical species of fruit and nuts that have become her area of focus. In particular, she has become fascinated with the many health benefits of these unusual plants.

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