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Fragrant Orchids: A Guide to Selecting, Growing, and Enjoying

By Steven A. Frowine

Beautiful to look at and pretty to smell.

Better Homes and Gardens

Orchid lovers of all levels will delight in this unique approach to selecting new and exciting varieties of fragrant orchids. More than 100 different orchids are profiled here, with exquisite images of each, and salient details are included for another 355 enticing varieties. Profiles include cultivation information and detailed notes on each fragrance, which can range from elegant and sophisticated to downright pungent, from fruity and spicy to medicinal, from light and fresh to heavy and intoxicating. With some 20,000 fragrant orchids available today, orchid enthusiasts will appreciate this first-ever guide to choosing, growing, and showcasing orchids with the right look and most enjoyable scents, including cinnamon, chocolate, lemon, and vanilla.

Media reviews

"Beautiful to look at and pretty to smell, fragrant orchids ... are natural alternatives to perfumed candles and room sprays. Horticulturalist Steven Frowine's recently released book Fragrant Orchids profiles 110 varieties and has helpful photographs."

—Suzy Bales, Better Homes and Gardens

"If you have ever wanted to grow a tiny orchid that smells like cinnamon, baked milk chocolate, or mandarin oranges, Steven Frowine's organized index of fragrant orchids will lead you in the right direction."

—Callie Aldridge, Flower Magazine

"Steven Frowine is a noted horticulturalist and brings a palpable enthusiasm and expertise to the subject matter at hand. The book was enjoyable to read and is superior in its organization and layout."

—Greg Asbagh, Let's Talk Plants

About the author

Steven A. Frowine

Steven A. Frowine is a professional horticulturist, a consultant to the green industry, and an active garden writer and speaker. A much sought-after speaker, Steven has a special love for orchids and other tropical plants.

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