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The Food Lover's Garden: Amazing Edibles You Will Love to Grow and Eat

By Mark Diacono

Life is too short to grow ordinary food. River Cottage head gardener Mark Diacono knows that it is no harder to grow and eat the unusual and utterly delicious than it is the entirely ordinary. At Otter Farm, rather than the same old rows of potatoes, onions, and carrots, Mark cultivates little-known gourmet delights such as Chilean guava, kai lan, daylilies, Japanese wineberries, and Szechuan pepper. In this book he encourages you to do the same, whether you have a large growing area, a small kitchen garden, or just space for a selection of containers.

Filled with practical growing advice and mouthwatering recipes for 40 of the most remarkable fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, and flowers, this enchanting book invites you to share Mark's sense of culinary adventure — introducing you to the finest forgotten flavors, the fabulous lesser-known harvests, and the exotic fruit that our changing climate now allows us to grow for ourselves. None of these require any extra effort to grow than the usual suspects and all of them will bring new flavors and experiences into your kitchen and garden. Exciting and inspirational, The Food Lover's Garden will change the way you go about growing and eating your own food forever.

About the author

Mark Diacono

Mark Diacono runs the pioneering Otter Farm where he makes use of the changing climate to grow a wide range of food that is usually sourced from warmer climes. An award-winning journalist and photographer, Mark is also well known for his lectures, courses and work at River Cottage.

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