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Flora's Orchids

Chief consultants Ned Nash and Isobyl la Croix

Offers substance as well as style.

Library Journal

From the producers of the bestselling Flora comes the definitive reference for orchid enthusiasts, with more than 1500 orchids described in detail. Genus entries give information on natural distribution, characteristics, and cultivation; species coverage includes a description and symbols indicating the type of plant — whether terrestrial, lithophyte, or epiphyte — average height and spread, and temperature and light requirements.

More than 1350 stunning photographs show specimens in close detail along with plants in their native habitats wherever possible. Introductory chapters deal with the history and taxonomy of orchids, cultivation and propagation techniques, pests and diseases, and conserving orchids in the wild. A handy reference table summarizes climate and cultivation information for each species, and the comprehensive glossary and index make the wealth of information contained in Flora's Orchids easily accessible.

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Media reviews

"Even those who claim not to like orchids will enjoy thumbing through this beautiful book."

—Jerry Parsons, Pacific Horticulture

"The book offers substance as well as style."

—Janet A. Crum, Library Journal

"This book is a 'must have' for reference, identification, or the pure enjoyment of a beautiful book."

—Jerry Garner, Illinois Orchid Society Newsletter

"I hated to put [this book] down and could not wait to return to it when the clock reminded me I had other things to do."

—Connie Cottingham, Athens Banner-herald

"Describes and offers beautiful color photographs of over 1,500 orchids, far more than in most such books, in language that minimizes difficult botanical terminology, and it provides a glossary explaining important terms it does use."

—M. Taylor, Choice

"Spares no expense and is a worthy book suitable for the elegant plants that orchids are. The photographs are among the most stunning I've seen in a compendium. ... It seems Timber Press has pulled out all the stops for this book."

—Greg Asbagh, Let's Talk Plants

About the authors

Ned Nash

Ned Nash was a director of education and conservation at the American Orchid Society from 1995 to 2003 and was an AOS-accredited judge for more than 20 years. He also worked for 20 years in the commercial orchid industry.

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Isobyl la Croix

Isobyl la Croix trained as a botanist at the University of Edinburgh where she developed a deep passion for tropical orchids. After graduation, she and her husband spent 22 years in the tropics, mainly in Africa, collecting, studying, and growing orchids. Since her return to the United Kingdom, Isobyl has edited Orchid Review, the doyen of orchid journals.

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