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The Family Kitchen Garden: How to Plant, Grow, and Cook Together

By Karen Liebreich, Jutta Wagner, and Annette Wendland

Foreword by Arden Bucklin-Sporer and Rachel Kathleen Pringle

An indispensable handbook for starting a family kitchen garden. Growing your own vegetables and herbs will transform both your cooking and the way your children eat.

Alice Waters, founder of Chez Panisse restaurant

Everyone wants healthy children who choose potatoes over chips and oranges over Oreos, but it isn't always easy to convince a picky child to try something new.

The Family Kitchen Garden integrates the garden and kitchen in a simple, fun way that parents and children can enjoy together. By teaching kids how to garden, they will be more likely to eat what they grow — what a rewarding way to encourage healthy foods!

Unlike other guides to gardening with children, these are not simple projects just for kids. Rather, the authors believe that kids can do — and will enjoy — the same type of gardening that adults do. Part One focuses on the nitty-gritty of gardening with kids: how to keep sessions short, tips on how much to grow, and important safety precautions. Part Two is a month-by-month guide on what to sow, plant, harvest, and eat. Seasonal recipes include nutritious, kid-friendly foods like parsnip chips, rhubarb cake, and homemade ketchup. Part Three is an A–Z guide to vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers. Icons note which are plants particularly easy to grow and suitable for young children.

The Family Kitchen Garden is for parents who want to get their kids outside and for families looking for simple ways to lead a healthier life. Grab your kids and get gardening!

Media reviews

"An introduction to productive gardening that any novice could benefit from reading."

—Jodie Jones, Gardens Illustrated

"Monthly tasks and an encyclopedia of vegetables, as well as recipes like a luscious rhubarb cake, make this book as useful as it is irresistible."

—Valerie Easton, Seattle Times

"This book is an excellent starting point for families who want to get into vegetable gardening."

—Steve Whysall, Vancouver Sun

"The last half of the book is an A-to-Z vegetable, fruit, herb, and edible flower guide that would be helpful to any gardener who isn't satisfied with the amount of information crammed on the back of a seed packet."

—Tara Duggan, Austin American-Statesman

"There are no frivolous 'kiddy projects,' though there are many creative activities and healthy recipes in the month-by-month section."

—Bonnie Poquette, Library Journal

"A lovely, invaluable resource, which, if implemented, could transform the way we as families spend our time, eat our food and live our lives. Only good can come of this."

—Kathryn Hall, Plant Whatever Brings You Joy

"Knowing that picky kids are more likely to eat what they grow, this book integrates garden and kitchen in a simple way that parents and children can enjoy together."

Michigan Gardener

"The new garden guide takes you and your kids — or grandkids — through the garden, month by month, with help figuring out what to plant when and how to eat it up."

Denver Post

About the authors

Karen Liebreich

Karen Liebreich is the founder and co-ordinator of the Chiswick House Kitchen Garden. Her other books include The Letter in the Bottle and Fallen Order. She has a history doctorate from Cambridge University and basic horticultural qualifications from Capel Manor.

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Jutta Wagner

Jutta Wagner is the crop planner and designer for the kitchen garden. She started her career as a horticulturist in Bavaria, and went on to study landscape architecture at the University of Applied Science in Berlin. From 1995 until 2004 she worked for a Berlin design practice specializing in garden history and family housing projects.

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Annette Wendland

Annette Wendland runs the teenage sessions at the kitchen garden. She works as a freelance photographer and studied at the London College of Printing, she specializes in architecture, food and nature photography.

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