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Dwarf Campanulas: And Associated Genera

By Graham Nicholls

Equally at home on coffee table and potting bench.


Campanulas have long been a gardeners' favorite, their spectacular summer performance earning them a place in the herbaceous border year after year. Here their lesser-known relatives, the smaller dwarf campanulas, take center stage. Everyone who grows campanulas will enjoy this book, finding uses for the diminutive yet exuberant forms at the front of the border as well as in rock gardens, alpine houses, troughs, and containers. More than 200 Campanula species and hybrids are described, and specialists and collectors will delight in the descriptions of rare and little-documented plants and devour the information about the plants' wild habitats. Color photographs enhance the text, encouraging gardeners to experiment with dwarf campanulas in a wide range of garden situations and appreciate the diversity of this rewarding group of plants.

Media reviews

"Equally at home on coffee table and potting bench, this book brings Cook's masterpiece up-to-date. ... This book combines a colourful work of reference and identification with a practical growers' guide."

—Sue Wooster, Plantsman

"Graham Nicholls, a renowned U.K. nurseryman, excels in providing comprehensive cultivation and propagation information."

—Ann Bartlett, Saximontana

"At last we have a book ... which brings things up to date."

—John Good, Alpine Gardener

About the author

Graham Nicholls

British nurseryman Graham Nicholls has gained widespread recognition for his cultivation of award-winning dwarf campanulas. A three-time recipient of the prestigious Farrer Medal, he lectures regularly in the U.K. and the U.S. and is a national judge for the Alpine Garden Society (U.K.).

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