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The Drought-Defying California Garden: 230 Native Plants for a Lush, Low-Water Landscape

By Greg Rubin and Lucy Warren

Home landscapes that require copious amounts of water simply aren’t an option anymore. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for barren expanses of rock mulch or artificial turf. California native plants can create a lush, wildlife-friendly landscape that requires minimal irrigation once it’s established. Learn which plants will work best in your yard, how to get them established, and how to keep them looking great all year long.

About the authors

Greg Rubin

Greg Rubin is the owner of California’s Own Native Landscape Design, a company that specializes in creating stable, sustainable, ornamental, low-input gardens with substantial habitat and wildlife value.

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Lucy Warren

Lucy Warren is a longtime regional gardening professional in southern California. She writes a regular gardening column for the San Diego Union Tribune and is a former editor for California Garden magazine.

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