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Drawing and Painting Plants

By Christina Brodie

Christina Brodie draws on her extensive experience as a botanical art teacher in compiling this complete course on drawing and painting plants. Clear step-by-step instructions show how to accurately render a wide range of plants and plant parts — from flowers, fruits, and seeds through leaves, stems, bark, and roots to fungi, ferns, mosses, and seaweeds. Christina Brodie's concise text and beautiful, detailed examples illustrate techniques for various media, including pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache, acrylics, and scraper board. This highly practical manual offers a complete course of instruction in basic and advanced techniques of botanical illustration, and is suitable for beginning artists and journal keepers as well as teachers and professional illustrators.

About the author

Christina Brodie

Christina Brodie is a graduate of the Winchester School of Art in England. She teaches botanical painting for the Royal Horticulture Society at Rosemoor and was awarded the RHS Gold Medal in 2002. She lives in England.

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