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Drawing Birds

By John Busby

A fascinating insight into the art of bird drawing.

Hobby Greenhouse

Birds are inspirational subjects for any artist: the variety of shapes, colors, sizes, movements, and contexts means that anyone with an interest in drawing or painting from life will find birds challenging and deserving of their time. This book is written for a range of people — for beginners taking their first steps in a knotty subject, for more experienced artists wishing to tackle birds in flight, and for anyone who simply wants to see birds afresh. This book is published in association with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). As Europe's biggest wildlife conservation charity, with over 170 nature reserves, the RSPB brings the spectacular beauty of wild birds to millions of people. The business of conservation is often scientific and political — matters largely for the head. But birds enrich our lives in many ways. Drawing them is perfect for clearing the clutter of our daily lives, reconnecting with nature and reaffirming the purpose of nature conservation.

Media reviews

"Highly recommended for all collections."

Library Journal

"A fascinating insight into the art of bird drawing."

—Robin Wilt, Hobby Greenhouse

"Drawing Birds is written for beginners, for more experienced artists, and for anyone who simply wants to see birds afresh."

Bird Times

"Provides comments and discussions in varying degrees of detail about numerous bird drawings and paintings done by many artists from historic times to the present. Along the way, beginning and more experienced bird artists learn helpful tips regarding how to improve their own bird drawings and paintings."

International Hawkwatcher

About the author

John Busby

John Busby has been drawing birds for over 60 years. As a former lecturer at Edinburgh Art College and a founder member of the Society of Wildlife Artists, his unique talent and understanding of bird art have inspired many others to do the same.

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