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Dendrobium and Its Relatives

By Bill Lavarack, Wayne Harris, and Geoff Stocker

Foreword by Phillip Cribb

Well-organized and attractive.

Library Journal

Dendrobium is an enormous orchid genus of more than 1000 species native to south Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and Oceania. They are highly popular among orchid growers for their beauty and diversity. This study by three plant scientists who are also active orchid growers presents more than 400 of the species, all illustrated with color photographs. Almost all the horticulturally popular species are included, along with some lesser-known but spectacular species recently discovered in the highlands of New Guinea that are likely to become popular in the future.

Media reviews

"This well-organized and attractive book by three Australian orchid experts discusses classification and nomenclature, distribution and origins, conservation, culture, and artificial hybrids."

Library Journal

"Well-written ... I was particularly impressed with the detail provided for artificial propagation (flasking) of orchid seeds."

Plant Systematics and Evolution

"Balance is the key to their presentation, which pleases artistic sensibilities as it educates. This book truly belongs in the hands of flower lovers."

—Mary Ellen Snodgrass, American Reference Books Annual

"Lavarack and colleagues bring a wealth of experience to this well-written survey…This highly recommended book is an important addition to the orchid literature…"

—L. G. Kavaljian, Science and Technology

"The text is written with scientist, horticulturist, commercial grower, and hobbyist in mind. Timber Press has produced another excellent book to add to their rapidly growing collection of titles on orchids. The Price is affordable!"


"Dendrobium and Its Relatives describes this colorful group in a way that will appeal to hobby growers and scientists alike."

Biology Digest

"The popular dendrobiums are well served by this beautifully produced new resource."


"Throughout the book, the depth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of the authors is always apparent and this is enhanced by the excellent photographs."

—David Menzies, Orchids

"I don’t know how an orchid grower could possibly resist purchasing this book. I can’t possibly say enough about this book without using too many superlatives. Buy it as soon as possible. You won’t be disappointed."

—Diana Pederson, Suite101.com

"If you are a fan of the Dendrobium family, this is the book for you to own."

Bella Online

"This is an excellent book for all tastes."

—Jack Webster, Orchidacea

"Timber Press has again done well in the addition of books on specific orchid groups at an affordable price!"

—Yoneo Sagawa, Hawaii Orchid Journal

"The illustrations and maps in Part One as well as those of the individual species in Part Two are spectacular and well done."

—Yoneo Sagawa, HortScience

"This beautifully put-together book will open your eyes to the world of dendrobiums."

Hawaii Horticulture

About the authors

Bill Lavarack

Peter Lavarack has worked as a botanist and planner in the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service for almost 30 years.

Read more about Bill Lavarack

Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris is a senior botanist at the Queensland Herbarium where he is curator of Orchidaceae and his current orchid research is centered on the taxonomy of Diplocaulobium.

Read more about Wayne Harris

Geoff Stocker

Geoff Stocker is a forester by training who has specialized in the ecology and management of tropical forests in north Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Read more about Geoff Stocker

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